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    sunset and lady's tears

    sunset and lady's tears

    sunset and lady's tears

    what do u think guys?

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    I think the shadow of the railing would be longer on the first piece.

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    I can't tackle both images at the moment, just the first one.

    The first thing that needs to be addressed is perspective. You can see the paint over below. Draw a perspective grid to help you construct the image, decrease its opacity and keep it on a separate layer as you work to reference it as needed.

    Shadow is the second thing. As noted in the post above, the shadows at sunset need to be much longer because the sun is low. The other thing to remember is that shadows' perspective depends on both the plane it's falling on and the light source. Here's a link explaining it in a very simple way.

    The last thing is colour. The colours as they are now seem to be clashing with each other. Use the colour theory as the starting point in colour choice if you're not sure of which ones will go with each other. Here's a link explaining the basics of colour theory. Take a look at some sunset photos to see how the yellowish light of the setting sun affects the landscape.
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    The first image seems REALLY "digital." The leaf brush and the fill-texture on the railing really flatten this image.

    You took advantage of the programs ability to give saturated colors that we don't see in real life. The sunset should be saturated like hell and the rest should be nearly silhouetted. Right now those bushes are grabbing more of my attention.

    The woman is definitely better, but I'd like to see all that blue reflecting in her hair and skin a bit more. It's easy to add little details like that in a digital program, even after you finished the drawing.

    I'd change the highlights on her shirt also. Blue light on a black top will not make perfect white highlights.
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    Before I start, I want to excuse myself for not being able to see how you can fix it, for I have not photoshop.

    In the first picture there are four things that are bothering me; the black island on the horizon which is actually very strange, as there is barely any shadow on the awning. next is the wild sea that is only extremely wild on the front and you cant see the way flattens out toward the back. the bushes seem too much like alot of (surreal) clovers piled on top of each other. last but not least, I cant seem to escape the feeling that a sunset should be darker with which I mean more red, pink and/or purple.

    I dont know if its me, but the woman looks like she is laughing behind the shell. if this is not the intention you can probaqbly fix it by putting the shell infront of her mouth or you should (partially) remove that line near her mouth. and about the shell, I dont know why but it seems to be hovering above heer hand, because the hand looks a bit weird. whether this is because the knuckles dont look like knuckles or the fact that she looks like she has a broken wrist, I dont know.

    I like your themes though, keep working on it!

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