Hereís one way to guarantee people will see the upcoming film I Am Legend on the really big screen: according to a report from Portuguese site Omelete, the IMAX version of the upcoming Will Smith film will be prefaced with a special 7-minute prequel to Christopher Nolanís The Dark Knight. The way I understand it, this would not be a trailer, but rather a short film that sets up the backstory for The Joker. It would be something that was shot separately as a standalone piece, and not created from footage that would turn up later in the finished film.

If the rumour is true, it would definitely help generate some extra interest in I Am Legend ó not that I think it will really need the help. Why wouldnít they save this for a movie that needs the exposure? Like, sayÖ August Rush? Okay, maybe thatís a slightly different audience. Anyway, it seems like this is getting to be a new trend in movie marketing; only a few weeks ago Wes Andersonís short film Hotel Chevalier was released online to help promote The Darjeeling Limited. I think itís creative and in many ways preferable to being bombarded with trailers for a movie. Would you go out of your way to see I Am Legend on an IMAX screen just for 7 minutes of Batman? I suppose if you were going to see the movie anyway, you really canít go wrong. I Am Legend will be released on December 14th.

7-minute prequel to The Dark Knight