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Thread: qadi's sketches (and some comics)

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    <edited 12/11/09>
    What's with the new attachment manager? It's annoying.

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    This is the first one that probably ran on issue 2 (for the semester).
    Copy pasted the first frame. Felt like cheating.
    Of course they give me a topic or an idea for the comic I mean it has to be related to any of the topics they're doing.
    Name:  cartoon 4- 2+2 schedule copy copy [1280x768].jpg
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    Issue 7. Some of you might not have a clue what it says. In short, this is how it is during the student union's elections (in my opinion anyway). Obviously I need to work more on color and backgrounds. and the handwriting sucks, I'm considering having someone do the lettering or whatever they call it. Btw Arabic comics are read right to left.
    Name:  issue 7 copy [800x600].jpg
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    The only good thing about this is that it summarizes what i shouldn't do next time.
    Name:  scan0022 copy [1024x768].jpg
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    i see grate jumps from your first to last post.
    try abandoning line and look more at planes in the face and figure. it helps you understand the mass more that the contour
    keep up the good work yo

    some what like this \/ \/ \/

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    Has been a long long time.
    Had nothing to share really.
    Thanks for the link walter.

    Comics for my university's paper.
    They never actually ran the first two even though they asked me to do the second one.

    we had a power outage.
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    we don't actually celebrate it here in Egypt. But hey, it's an american university after all.
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    I don't know if they'll use this one. I'll have to wait and see. Next issue is on sunday.
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    Arabic comics are read right to left.

    I'm taking a figure drawing class. Ill be posting some when i get them from school.

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