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    Moogle's Path to Hopeful Success: A Beginner's Sketches (Mostly Human)

    Hello guys & gals! After lurking hundreds of sketchbooks per-day and finding a love with art - I have decided to try and begin my own public sketchbook so that I can improve. I've seen so many people improve over their pages, and I hope that I will also be able to improve.

    Some of my favorite artists on top of everyone here at are:

    - Stanley Lau
    - Feng Zhu
    - Marta Dahlig

    And I hope one day to be like them, but I know it will not coming easily!
    Thanks for viewing my sketchbook.
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    1) Female Figure Study (Without hands)

    Here is my first anatomical sketch of a female. I need help on how to fix her since she just doesn't look right.

    + Are her limbs too short?
    + Is she tall enough?
    + Is her head too big?

    Moogle's Path to Hopeful Success: A Beginner's Sketches (Mostly Human)
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    Sketch 2: Another try at a basic figure.

    Well, I decided I would try another one. I didn't like the previous one because of the limbs.

    Be sure to critique / comment on this . I am still a beginner looking for advice .


    Moogle's Path to Hopeful Success: A Beginner's Sketches (Mostly Human)

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    Okay! So first i suggest you use references, there are a lot of nude pics around the internet, draw those. It will give you a basic idea of the human body. And there are a lot of books about anatomy! hehe comments..........

    -yes, the head is too big
    -the arms are too thin
    -don't do barrel tops, the lower extremities should be longer than the trunk
    -the legs are too small, the tibial area is too straight
    -try drawing your own hand, do one of those hand studies.

    you have a lot of time to learn! ^^ good luck!
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