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Thread: Elf gurl

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    Elf gurl

    this was inspired by the elves in record of lodoss war

    Elf gurl
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    pretty!!!! at first I thought I was the only one who drew anime-like i know it's not the case....
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    you obviously are new here so let me give you some tips about them basics

    1 you missspelled "girl" in the thread title. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it!
    2 the BG! WTF is this gradient doing there? if you don't know what to put into the back of your pic just use a plain colour! NO GRADIENT!
    3 your anatomy is messed up of course, the anime style can't hide it
    4 the shadeing is very flat, looks like you just mixed black to the original colour
    the boots aren't shaded at all
    5 foreshortening works in most of the parts but feet aren't your strenght obviously

    what you got to do in order to become better:
    lay down Photoshop and pick up a pencil
    learn something about values and colour theorie
    visit a life drawing class or/and buy a book about anatomy to study human forms
    my sketchbook
    friends Sketchbooks:Dile_, Stine
    my flickr go there if you want to see my photography stuff

    <mildly sarcastic remark that seems a little cutting at first read, but contains wisdom and is really rather funny>

    Ilaekae: "I'm sick and tired of "purists" who dictate their own anal preoccupations to everybody else as the word of gods."
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    Everything said above. Also, learn to colour inside the lines and use thicker lines when you draw.
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    and cut the anime....please

    but not being to harsh on you i think u got alot of potential, just keep drawing and dont be satisfied to early and ul be doing great in the future^^i really beleave so^^keep it up an post more
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