I am a college student here in Nevada. We just got into character modeling this semester, and having a hard time knowing what to do. The pictures below is what I have done to this point. The main thing that needs attention is the areas that will bend. Also, this model is going to be animated starting in the next week an half. So please give some feed back and any suggestions.

Somethings I was told:
1. Keep polys low. (Areas that don't bend)
2. Keep every thing quad. (I can't find a way to keep it quad.)
3. Attach the model as one.( Meaning the head to feet should be one model. But not the Sword.)
4? Detach the Arm or something. I didn't understand why. The person probably meant the pad above the arm, but it is already detach as an element.

Program and Tools:
3Ds Max 8
-Edit Mesh
-Textures (Had not gotten into it, yet)

I am going to have his feet walk first on camera, like drama type intro. He is (I am still debating) dragging his sword on the ground as if he is tired. The ground is red and orange from a land filled with battle and struggle. The next footstep is different and soft. His head looks up and see green bright plains of ease for eternity. He looks closer and there is a tree and a rock not to far away. The camera looks at the ground as his sword falls onto it. The camera is then at a third perspective looking at the fighter and the tree with the rock. The rock though has a figure of a women and her hair flowing in the air. The camera looks back at the fighter foot and he dashes to the rock. Back at third perspective, the figure of the women is then faded every step he takes. The fighter then stops and slowly walks to the rock bending down in disbelief. He is then shown (with the camera pulling back) arrows on his back.