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    At the Renaissance Fair

    Trying something a little more cartoony:

    At the Renaissance Fair

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    one thing that pops right out is the left eye. Its almost flipped on its side.(see pic) Its also a little higher than the other one, and not proportionate in the separation between the eyes (with the stylization you have going Im not sure thats not on purpose). and wheres the feet?

    Oh and the chest area looks flat on the cloth portion and the shadow area, needs more volume/lighting


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    Hips and legs are misaligned and makes her look unbalanced. The centre of the supporting parts of the body (in your image, her feet) should be directly under the centre of equilibrium (in your pic, roughly the sternum of her chest).
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    Amusing. But I would say replace the cookie with a turkey drumstick. Nothing says “Ren Fest” like a honkin’ leg of turkey!

    Also, the hair and the rest of her look mismatched, because the former is blurry and the rest of her is sharp. If you’re going for a hard-edged style, then do it through the whole piece.
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