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    yellow craft

    Did this painting today in photoshop. Used ref for the background. I accidently saved it as the psd rather than a jpeg so there is no going back which is unfortunate as i was only messing about with the motion blur.

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    You need to add blur to the background also to give it a sense of speed. If only the ship is blurred, the concept of motion is lost. Also, the ship isn't up to par with the rest of the rendered detail, like the trees, grass. Did you just superimpose this on top of a photograph and then paintover it?

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    all hand painted (with computer). It started out as background practise then i threw a ship in. I have a psd with just the background maybe i should post that. leave the ship out all together.

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    i know you were only experimenting with the blur, but here's a hint: either blur only the ship or only the bg, not both, like it seems you've done.

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    Also for the background, don't forget that objects 'fade out' the further they get pushed back. Atmosphereic perspecitve (I just noticed) starts to get noticable at only 11 feet away

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    I would actually remove the blur from the distant mountain range, but leave the blur on the grass, and to a lesser extent on the trees. Not sure about the vehicle. It all depends on the motion of the camera/observer. If you're moving with the vehicle then there should be no blur on the vehicle. Motion blur should be absent from the mountains because they are practically an infinite distance from the camera. I notice a bluish haze in front of the mountains, which is good because it makes them look like the intervening atmosphere is scattering light.

    Perhaps the observer is moving rapidly with respect to the grass, but not quite as fast as the vehicle, although maybe that results in a more complicated image than you want.

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    Thanks for all the crits. I painted a new version same background. I just blurred the cars on this one. I dunno it still looks kinda crappy.

    yellow craft

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    a suggestion for you blur problem

    here's a quick paintover for ya. just a suggestion how to add some speed without losing what you want to tell the viewer

    good luck

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    One small's noticeable more on the first one...but the light source on the background differs from the light source on the ships.

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    Thanks guys i think i need to redo the cars. I need to practise a few referance pics of cars before i come back to this.

    Your right the lighting is off good call.

    Thanks again for all the help.

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