Hi there! i'm new here and the forums and i'm a little bit confused. i'm an international student and i plan to study at Academy of Art
University starting Spring semester '08. i'm going to take up bfa in illustration and i'm just wondering if anybody here is going to take it too? also, i might stay in the school dorms because like i said above, i'm an international student and so i would still have to get used to life in San Francisco. i've read threads about how we should stay out of the dorms cause they're like, ridiculously expensive for a small place. i would want to look outside but since i'm new and don't know anybody, i don't think i'm ready to look for a place alone outside the academy. though i would appreciate any advice anybody can give me about shared rooms outside the academy with aau students living there too. i also heard about aau dorms filled with parties and stuff and it causes the student's grade to deteriorate. i'm a serious student though i wouldn't mind going to parties every now and then but will staying at the dorm really affect my studies? i would also like to ask about traditional and graphic illustration, can anybody give me a gist of both. i plan to take up traditional illustration but i would also like to learn about the digital side of illustration. can i take electives that are on the graphic illustration curriculum even though i'm not in that track? also, to the illustration graduates of aau, what kind of jobs do you do after graduating? i'm still a little lost as to what i want to do after graduating from illustration. i know i'm very passionate about drawing and painting and want to do that for the rest of my life. i just don't really want to 'literally' be a starving artist. i want to draw and still be able to eat, have a roof over my head, and basically have a stable income. can anybody tell me what life is like after graduating with a bfa in illustration? what are the odds of landing jobs? i don't want to freelance for the rest of my life and i'm not too sure what job i'm exactly looking for. i just know that i want to draw and paint for a living. can anybody give me job ideas for the future?

i'm sorry for asking a lot. i'm just really confused right now and i really want to focus on believable long term goals. thanks for the time in reading this. i hope someone answers my questions.