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    Digital Painting In PS #2

    HI again!

    I will cut the crap and boring stuff out, this thread is an update of the previous "beginners" digital painting thread. Number of things have changed since that thread first kicked off at least for me, and been meaning to update it so here we go..

    The focus on this thread is first to familiarise people with digital painting in PS and also learn to observe since we are going to mainly focus on still life (simple things) and won't make you an awsome painter but BABY STEPS!
    Also again, I regard myself as an average painter and don't pretend to know everything or even much about painting. Just enough to help those just getting started. For this reason I've asked few people from the board, who's much better painter than I am to drop in and do a still life to share. As this method is how I approach it and is one of many methods as you will see from other demos.

    From the last thread, I've noticed few things from varies people.

    Careless paintings, let's face it, if you are not willing to put the time in, it's not going to work for you. Concentrate on getting it right.. invest the time, if you know something is wrong fix it!!!
    and keep getting it right and you will eventually become more efficient.

    Guessing, another huge issue, lots of people seem to be unsure of colours and details on the object they are painting. The answer is right in front of you most people are too quick to jump at it and guessing too much. Well it is guessing but it's more educated guess?, again take time to observe and train ur eyes to see the colours and so on.

    Brushes, let's keep it simple.. There is NOTHING wrong with using all the brushes in the world and everything PS has to offer. But we should focus learning the basics before proceeding to much more advanced and trade secrets I've uploaded most used brushes from my set here, a drawing, an oval and a soft edge. Feel free to use your own and default sets, so long as it's simple.

    Also please try and stick to simple objects that you can have in front of you. photos and all are good but nothing beats the real thing. If you are trying to get help for your personal painting you may have more luck at critique section.

    Posting steps is optional! But it helps to see how u are approaching things.

    Few general things about PS.

    Canvas size, since bigger is better in digital medium and NO u should avoid blowing up ur image for the sake of printing! try and work zoomed out. open another window by going to Window > Arrange > New window, this will bring up another window so you can see the smaller size while u work on details on the other window. 600px 800px is a good size for online viewing.
    I tend to paint at 50% zoomed out. So I have some room to add details at 100% if required, but even this isn't all that big. Remember, to print an a4 you will need approx. 2500px 3500px canvas size.

    Oh Tablet, if you don't have one, you should invest in one, preferrably wacom. If you paint with a mouse it can seriously have health issues, well from my experience at least. A tablet will give you so much more freedom and same you time! This is a no brainer!

    BLENDING, now last thread did focus a bit on blending in PS, while this is important, I think it's more beneficial for us to see the blocks and planes. To figure out where soft blending happens and where it's a hard edge of two colours meeting up. If we sort of see this first the blending becomes a part of process and certainly give u a better result. having said that it's too much to discuss here I guess, and for the sake of this thread, try and not to be too attached to blending but rather observe and apply similar effect to your paintings. Remember NOT everything just blends together! it's a mix & match and it's just matter of figuring out where.

    For recommended reading, ANDREW LOOMIS books, he has so much to offer!
    For colour stuff! Can't beat this! "The Peer Project V2" by Idiot Apathy, lots of resources and yes! spend the time to check it out!

    (will edit this first post to add more infos down the track!)
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