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    David Miller Artist for Hire

    Below are some samples of my work. I'm not limited to comics and I can supply a resume upon request. Feel free to ask me any questions concerning employment.
    David Miller
    My email is -

    David Miller Artist for Hire

    David Miller Artist for Hire

    David Miller Artist for Hire

    David Miller Artist for Hire

    David Miller Artist for Hire

    David Miller Artist for Hire

    See "Behind closed doors" demo at
    Just click to the Digital Bind demos.

    I think it's a known fact that 90% of new businesses fail - But I give them alot of credit
    for following dreams and triing. Now I wait on the last couple of paychecks owed me.
    I've put employment applications into some copy and print shops that I have TOO much
    experience with. I'm looking mainly for a steady part time job so I can work on Comic
    projects at night from home.


    I'm addicted to comics. Mainly the way they tell a story. The
    method is what I'm attracted to. I'm looking for comic book related work
    (storyboarding) because of the sense of accomplishment I feel when I finish.

    I get very concerned about samples to submit because every Comic co. wants
    4-6 pages of their own stuff. I can't draw every distinctive character to
    submit to the 100's of individual companies out there. I can submit stuff
    that shows I can tell a story very well through my art - My best quality.

    What it comes down to -
    My recent 3 month (paid) sequential line art job made me feel like a king in
    a victorious battle. I did VERY well and got paid VERY well. Now I've
    got the taste in my mouth - working at Copymax (inside Officemax) is so
    unappealing to me now. But it pays the bills. I need to find a company or
    person with connections to get published and establish myself in the only
    environment I fit with.


    I recently went through all the motions/emotions to have my own title distributed
    through Diamond (BIG D!). I learned so much and I've experienced how the
    business behind the scences work. I was scheduling Quececor to produce the
    series but Diamond did'nt bite.

    I wrote the continued story all the way through to inking and lettering up
    to 4 issues in 4 months. I got very attached to it. Four issues of a givin title is
    what's needed in advance to be considered at Diamond Distributors. Small circulation
    distributors like Pickle Press among others where very interested. But
    going through many small run distributors felt like way more business
    responsibily than I could bare - or effectivly keep tabs on at the time.

    If you/Co. can effectively pay for any supplies to finish artwork for you
    (with royalties or % of sales after complete) I will seriously consider
    work. Better and more happily- If you can pay for supplies & smaller
    personal monthly bills as well, I'll be there to back you up to completion.
    If you are in STRONG negotiations to publish through Image or
    Epic (Marvel) comics I'm there.

    Supreme offer = competitve - min page rate.

    **This offer is subject to change upon personal or company growth.

    I warmly look forward to a team with a system to effectively produce for
    circulation with quality elements.

    I'm open to any genre but I do like to lean toward human/drama tear jerkers - whether happy or sad. Hopefully both. The crow, Stangers in Paradise and Branagh's 1997 Hamlet are strong examples. Please keep in mind that I dable and like particuler parts in all walks of comicdom. I love movies and I try to translate and deliver the strong cinematic style of parts I like to sequential art - and writing.

    Ill be here waiting for a project.

    Again - Thank you for the consideration,
    David Miller
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