Spacecraft: Online Role Playing Game Project - Requires Artists
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    Spacecraft: Online Role Playing Game Project - Requires Artists

    Team Names : Thunder-Power & Electronic Team Games (Spacecraft Team)
    Project Name : Sprite based online RPG development project
    Game Name : Spacecraft - Take command!

    Brief description : The Spacecraft project was started a year ago, our aim is to develop the complete game to be released online by the end of the year, and to earn game development experience. In this arial view role-playing game the player is required to manage a futuristic space combat crew by taking the role of spacecraft captain, who leads dangerous war and rescue missions based on one of 4 faction based stories. The personal approach of the player is critical, the range of activity is vast and the elements of control are high. Players can play with or challenge each together online. The stories are based on law abiding factions where the frequent discovery of war technology causes conflict between galaxy nations and crime gangs; the player is brought in to help tackle the violent issues, but must first proove worthy of the task.

    Visit our wiki for further information about the game concept.
    View the pending Game Document update 0.5
    View the previous Game Document 0.43* Password: sc2006

    Target :Self marketed shareware release, team establishment, expansions and sequals.

    Compensation: Website space on one of our servers (EG: / all with a small banner link to our site and will stay online for as long as you are with us, basic graphic and web design services are offered by yours truly when available.

    • Microsoft Visual C++
    • NET Framework
    • XML
    3D Modeling
    • 3ds Max
    • Cinema 4D
    2D Art and Animation:
    • Photoshop
    • After Effects
    • Particle Illusion
    Image Format
    • PNG
    Sound Format:
    • OGG and WAV format

    Lead Artist

    • Lead the art team; organizing tasks for artists
    • Discuss visual concepts with the game writer and gamer designer
    • Making sure the game art reaches a good enough standard for the aims of the project
    • Produce concept sketches for artist reference


    • Experience in working on a similar project is minimal.
    • Strong traditional art skills
    • Team management skills are essential, but you must be willing to work inline with the wishes of the game writer and game designer
    • Knowledge of 3D art production
    • Regular availability
    • Understanding of good work flows and best practices

    Digital Artist

    • Produce digital artwork rendered to PNG files for the game
    • Production of backdrops and textures for use. (See images below for samples)
    • Icon design for the game objects
    • Carry out art tasks set by the lead artist.


    • Photorealistic art skills with photoshop or similar software
    • Good knowledge of game art techniques
    • Good portfolio or proof of artwork (Not just one or two images)

    3D Modeller:

    • Produce 3D entities from concept images or basic items from text descriptions. (Low poly not neccesary due to use of sprites/raster renders)
    • Produce level environments (See images below for samples) 3D Animation (EG:Miniature rotated objects, particle effects etc)
    • Carry out art tasks set by the lead artist and game designer. Export models to .OBJ or render directly to .PNG


    • Fundamental knowledge of your 3D modelling package, with good work flow.
    • Texturing skills using the in-built shaders would be ideal but not neccesary.
    • You must be adaptable so that you can fit in with other modellers producing similar work as you

    Apply for 3D modelling
    Apply for digital art

    Image Samples:

    Spacecraft Modelling

    Spacecraft Design

    Entity Designs

    Environment Modelling

    Concept Sketching

    Texture Painting

    Background Render

    Team Overview:
    Core Team:
    • Michael Saad [Lead Programmer]
    • Mokhtar M. Khorshid [Lead Software Architect]
    • Chris Tate - Yours truly [Game Designer]
    • Philip Murray [Game Writer]
    • Mahmoud Kasdi[3D Modeller]
    • Dan R [Musician & Sound Engineer]
    • Jonas Kaulakis [Programmer]
    • Bishoy Gamil [Programmer]
    • Ben L [Programmer]
    • Chris Gilbert [New recruit – Consultant]
    • Joe Robins[New recruit – 3D Modeller & Animator]
    • Mina Sami [New recruit – Programmer]

    Make an enquiry

    Contact me via email

    Apply for digital art
    Apply for 3D modelling
    Download ship control Multimedia Fusion demo


    Please take the time to contribute your opinion on the following questions/em]
    1: What aspect of PC gaming do you enjoy the most?
    2: How would you want your favorite PC Game to be improved?
    3: How much have you ever spent on one windows PC computer game?
    4: How much has your latest most favorite PC game cost you since it's purchase?

    For those who take part, thank you and have a nice day!

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    Update: We have had two artists join after the last month and we are making steady progress to building a working level. There is still a need for anyone who currently has a large amount of spare time and talent to join us.

    In the next week or so I'll probably repost or reply to this post along with a link to our game map download to have a look at the progress.

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