Yea, this one is battlefield related, FOR ONCE! :flames:
So, what happens is that I cooked up a video tutorial that shows you how to use 1 UVW map for SEVERAL objects in 1 scene.

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN JEDI ? FOR EXEMPLE: Say your making a vehicle for BF!

Well it winds up that you got a BODY part, WHEEL part and GUN part. Those are all different objects that MR. CODER will need to code ingame. So these objects are exported from the scene with Rexmans tools of course. Now my role is to show you how to use ONE!!! uvw map for several parts on that scene.

There, jedi has explained, now its after you all young padawan slaves to check this out.

Dont mind my :afro: star wars vocabulary, I smoked too much air.

Check it out here guys: