Hi all

I am relatively new to sculpture, having just done a few smallish gargoyles over the last couple of months. I think I am ready to tackle something a little more serious and am seeking advice/criticism on this latest idea. It is my second time posting here since I also have a gargoyle project on the go.

A very good friend of mine died a couple of months ago in a tragic BASE jumping accident. It's very unlikely but some of you may have heard of him: Jean-Marc Mouligné better known as the 'catapult man'. A mad scientist kind of guy who spent all his savings on a project he realised which was to catapult himself into the air descending back to the ground with his parachute.

I am attaching one of the pics of him I used in the design, another with him getting into his catapult and some of the buste sculpture.

The sculpture is just in traditional pottery terra-cotta to see if the concept would work. I am going to add his famous 'frap hat' I think; he looked classic with that on and it would be more in tune with the mad scientist/poet concept (without sunglasses).

The idea is to eventually make one with sculpey, mould and paint it.

As mentioned, advice and criticism are welcome.