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Thread: I have a major headache - problems with Painter X

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    I have a major headache - problems with Painter X

    Hello there... I was surfing the net trying to see if anyone was experiencing the same issues I have been while using Painter X. Seems like there are similar issues with Painter 9... but I'm unsure if they are the same (I'm thinking not since a company would not release a new version with the same problem?)

    ok so... I am trying to complete 20 paintings on deadline and so far I've spent the better part of today plus the weekend trying to get Painter X to work like a normal program. It use to enjoy freezing my entire OS, forcing me to shut down my computer via the power switch and effectively loosing hours of work on many different programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, InDesign)

    I shelled out the $250 for AppleCare thinking it was my computer. I have a Mac Pro with the 4 core processor a 750gig harddrive, and 8 gigs RAM. It is up to date with all upgrades with the latest OS version. After hours on the phone with tech support, I found out my computer is running just fine and is capable of running any of the programs I have on it.

    I downloaded the patch on Corel's website and haven't experienced the freeze lately, except now it's learned a new trick: to completely disappear, without notice. Usually when I'm right in the middle of painting. So I started saving more frequently and in response, it seems to disappear much more frequently.

    I did the whole "restore all factory defaults" trick and it didn't work. Is this just a matter of throwing my hands up, writing off the cost as an expensive lesson, and using photoshop exclusively? It's a shame too, as I enjoy the program but I just can't stand the unreliability. Are there any real solutions to saving this program? Or are people who use it all the time simply use to loosing work on a constant basis?

    Sick & Tired,
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    I don't blame you for being "Sick & Tired".

    Also, I think your best bet is to write a complete report of what's been going on, including what you've said here and more specific examples of what you're doing when Painter X either crashes or vanishes. Then send it directly to the Corel Painter development team at:

    Be sure to let them know you're working on a deadline and need help.. pronto... it's an emergency!

    Be prepared to send them a file or two, screen prints, and anything else they ask for that will help them track down the problem and give you a solution.

    Point them to this thread too, so they'll see I sent you to them.

    You're not alone in having these problems but it's far more pressing when you've got deadlines than it is for someone like me who's mainly helping other Painter artists learn the program.

    It's not that I've forgotten what deadlines are, 28 years of them day after day, so I wish you the very best getting this solved so you can get back to work and finish your 20 paintings.

    Please do not PM me with Painter questions. Instead, post them here where everyone can benefit from them. Thanks!

    Jinny Brown
    and The PainterFactory
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    Thanks Jin -- I will be sending them an email pronto.

    I sure hope they can help *fingers crossed*
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    I did a comparison with my laptop, my macbook and my pc. Clearly the macs are having issues with Painter since it freezes when I use either hi res images or watercolor brushes. My advice is to save often while you work, but try out a pc as the platform.

    This isn't a mac vs pc commentary but I took a while to get weaned off mac and realize there isn't any real differences or even advantages to macs. Or even stability.

    The real road warrior test was running Sketchbook pro, painter 10 and Painter essentials 4 all at the same time and exporting , importing between applications. My Pc handled it but the mac copped out after barely 15 mins.
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    I don't know if this is the same problem you are experiencing, or even if it exists on the Mac version of Painter, but see the following thread for details...


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