I posted this in Finished but I also wanted to post it here since I love the Lounge.


The landlord of my studio (3 car garage) told me he was going to sell the place and gave me a month notice. I did it, I moved 48 years of my creative art spirit. The experience was awesome. At first it was a little daunting, I like to collect cool shit and have it around for inspiration.

What I did was to slowly make groups, picking up everything and moving everything and figuring out if it should be tossed, recycled, moved.

Thought I'd show you some of the work. A big mix of paintings over 25 yearas, some unfinished. Excellent experience to lighten my load and allow for what is next - so psyched.

I photographed all the old paintings I had around and had a crazy sale, "all offers accepted." I posted all the work online at:

In the Creative Spirit

Check out another project that I am the founder and creative director on.

Supporting the Creative Future