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Thread: 13 gigapixel photograph, have you seen this?

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    13 gigapixel photograph, have you seen this?

    This is insane, I am kinda speechless actually. I cannot believe something like this exists - and of course I'm thinking that if some guy is using this from some rooftop, the military surely already has stuff like this at their disposal.

    Then again, I did watch the X-Files

    I'd embed it, but it isn't YouTube. If someone can figure out how to do it without using the Flash Plugin, lemme know.
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    heres how to post it... look on youtube
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    man that shit is scary, I used to think about a camera when I was a kid that could do that except see around corners and have infinite zoom. I guess its not as far away as I thought. Talk about the end of privacy.
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    Hol-Lee shit.
    Where would one acquire such camera?
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    privacy is overrated
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