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    Conversion Question - When your freelance client is based in another country

    General question! I have a client that is based in the UK and I am trying to work out rates and payment. I've never worked with someone overseas so I am wondering if I need to adjust my rates to work with the exchange rate and what form of payment I should request.

    Thanks guys

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    They should be aware of what US rates are. The UK companies are stoked right now that the dollar has completely tanked. Everything in the US is half off.

    Just charge at the high end of the spectrum you use if it is an established company. If they say no, then come down.


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    I frequently work with UK based clients, Phone does not work. Email is best, messenger is also useful- BUT, you always have to keep an eye on the time, different timezones can cause some serious set backs (learned that the hard way). Make sure you tell them what timezone you are in, and ask what theirs is as well. look it up in HERE.
    It might be nice if you sent them a link directly to your timezone as well.

    you dont need to adjust your rates if you are comfortable with them. They will be more than happy to pay American rates- and if they are not, they are being cheap (the euro goes for more than the dollar) as they are already getting a good deal getting overseas work.

    Paypal works best for this type of long distance business relationships. They have business and invoicing tools that are very helpful to bill and keep track of your customers. They also have representatives overseas, so if there is a problem - you got a little more back up on your side.

    Paypal has worked great for me. Its also getting to be more common as an online payment option as say.. two years ago. you can also request a card from them, so you dont even have to withdraw your money from your account.


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    I've just handled UK jobs in dollars and everyone seemed clear and happy with it (except one check I got accidentally written in Pounds and Dollars. My bank was not happy with that, which ultimately meant that I was not happy with it). Getting paid by check can sometimes be a pain, wire transfer seems faster and more reliable.
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