Heres my entry for the COW: Storm Bringer. I'd love some critiques on it.

From the sky it came, but the things origin is un-known. The clouds joined in sudden blackness gaining momentum with each passing second. The winds grew stronger. The air grew colder. And before the people could flee the storm was down upon them. First, it tore down their levees so that the ocean water would flood the land. Then it maliciously devoured their homes rendering many dead and all others without shelter.
The thing that wrought the devouring winds is known to the few who survived as a Storm Bringer. It is believed the thing is cast down from the gods to cut down the human population. The creature flies through the sky and captures storm clouds in its field of psychic energy. Because of the incredibly fast speed it travels the storms are left trailing behind. They join together becoming more and more powerful and then are released above a target area.

Storm Bringer