First I want to say that seeing the other sketchbooks can realy discourige guys like me ( there are some world class badass skeychbooks). I've never rally been drawing, but about half an year ago I started working with photoshop and after some time I realized that sometimes it is not up ti photoshop but rather your drawing skills. I've tryed to remember why I stoped drawing and I could't remember so I dicided to start again. But enough story, I guess the first thing would be learning the human anatomy. Well hire is where I ask for help - I found a lot of books about anatomy and I would like more expirienced opinion which is good and which is not that good.
Meanwhile hire are some of the sketches I've done last few days
P.S the strange shades on the first two are because I drew on both sides of the paper and my scanner somehow saw trough
P.S.S. Sorry for my English