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    New in Town

    I'm fairly new here to this site, and I have to say, for someone who is basically an ameteur like myself with no real extencive formal schooling for this kind of stuff... I'm feling pretty dwarfed in skill. Practice makes perfect I know, but I gotta say that it's hard to practice when 90% of the stuff you make you are unsatisfied with. I'm probably not a unique case in that I seriously do want to persue a career in art, but feel like I don't have what it takes. I'm just wanting to find others with similar experiences of doubt so that I might be able to find what to do next.
    I'm currently out of school, but not graduated. I plan on going back but as of right now I need to find a steady job and a way to finance my life-style and what is currently my art "Hobby" which I want nothing more than to turn into something fruitful.
    Just needed to rant a bit, feel free to leave comments and whatever.

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    Now go draw. Welcome to the community.

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    hah..yeah. thus us a common reaction from new members to the site. i myself felt exactly the same, hated my art. didnt think it was too grat before i came here but when i jolined ...boy it was hard to find reason to post my own work. but sketchbooks are the answer in the "sketchbook" forum you can start a thread with the button towards the top of the page on the left hand side "start new thread" give it a title and upload work whenever you do it and you will see improvment usualy people comment and citique your artwork with tips, advice and words of general wisdom. this is great incentive to do more art (for me at least )


    to upload images. scann them on your computer then you can use the attatchmant manager in the "go advanced" section of reply post system (below comment box) and go down a bit below the comment box and find attacthcman manager then just click browse, locate the file and click upload.


    use an outside webhost like or photobucket and there are many others..but first repeat the scanning and saving of the picture then open the website you will host it on, use the browse option and locate the file then upload it. find on the page after the "direct link" at image shack it is right at the very bottom in a text box. copy that then on the comment box click on the little picture of two mountains and a sun with a yellow background and paste the link in there and it will show up when you click reply.

    you might have knowen that but alot of people struggle

    best of luck !
    Any fool can know. The point is to understand.

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