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Thread: This one's for you Mr.Delicious

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    This one's for you Mr.Delicious

    He brought me here. I have always known about this site... but he brought me here. Personally... I am scared to death of you guys. So much so that I couldn't even look at you for inspiration. You are so far beyond my understanding... I opted for something more accessible. Namely random people from DeviantArt and Sijun's speed paint thread. I am still far away from approaching those that I admire from either communities, but that's besides the point.

    Meh.... some notes about my background. First of all, some of you may know me as Adeux. Some as Chainer. Others as Ahtu... depending on how long you've known me.

    I started drawing a few years ago due to an obsession with Magic the Gathering. Namely John Avon's, Kevin Lewellyn's (Puddnhead's), Kev Walker's, and Justin Sweets works. But... since I started with no artistic background... I went towards something a little more accessible. Manga/anime. And now (like far too many others) I am trying to shake it off. It's so hard wired into my system though... losing it is taking some time.

    I never took a class for art. I am going to college for Graphic Design/ Multi Media, but it has precious little to do with my interests in concept / comic art. Everything I know, I know from forums.

    Enough of that drama. On to the pics. I will show the most recent ones without exception. This includes new ones to come. Please tear me up.

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