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    Talking Cleaning up images?

    Hey Everyone!

    First note: I'll edit and attach an image I'm having fun with at the moment sketching. It really isn't anything to worry about since it only partially references my question.

    My question: How do you clean up images in PS? I know what I've started with is having a pencil sketch/basic brush sketch as the background or the first new layer. From there I build up detail and contrast through out. It is nothing new since I see this strategy all the time. WHat I am wondering about though is how to make things more crisp and clean. Right now I got a sketch and its all kinds of fuzzy. Im even using a hard brush. Hmmmm what am I missing in the millions of options that is PS?

    EDIT: And by Fuzzy I mean, default round brush and using that or an entire sketch.

    EDIT: X2. This is kinda what I meant. It isn't as crisp as I want it. Also, I need a little bit more help on blending. Hmm Where to start?

    Any help is greatly appreciated! REALLY ANY HELP, is great! If you need a larger version to get a look at it and i can email you the file.
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    My suggestion is to use larger brushes and as a result, fewer, cleaner brush strokes. That, along with keeping a finger on the alt key, in order to sample color/tones on the fly. What you want to do is hammer out the planes on an object as simply as possible, large brushes make this quick. I'm by no means a photoshop master, but this has helped me work faster and with better results.

    Attached is a paint-over to demonstrate.

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    What you can also do, and this is what I do, is taking the sketch, and then flesh out all the primary colors first.

    I then add a separate layer for lighting and shading, set on screen and multiply respectively. I do not change the color, and go over it once, that's two types of shapes, and pretty well defined in the image.

    Then I would take the smudge tool and make it big. I swerve a couple times between the unshaded and shaded section until it makes a smooth transition. It doesn't take as long, looks pretty good if you get the hang of it, and shouldn't have very many ugly spots were you can see a big distinction between the two.

    Otherwise, yeah just follow what revender said.

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