Hi everyone,

I'd like to share with your community the work i made with my comrades this year. We were students of a 3d animation school in France : LISAA
I have worked on two short 3d animation movies this year.

The first one, Time Traveller's Guide, was made in four months.

Time Traveller's Guide & Morning Deliveries : 3d animation short movies

Synopsis :
Two explorers, Basil and Hoagie, travel through time to learn about
ancient civilisations. But time travel is not an exact science and
sometimes the location of the arrival is not the desired one.
Basil, with his great experience and his legendary selfcontrol,
will do everything in his power to escape the trap into which they have fallen...

Thomas Ognibene
Stephane Montel
Clementine Tronel
Arnaud Watteau
Rudyard Cretenet

visit the website of the movie for artworks and making of.

The next one, Livraisons Matinales (Morning Deliveries) was made in five months. It tells about the story of a mysterious milkman. The story is based upon a Stephen King's novel.

Time Traveller's Guide & Morning Deliveries : 3d animation short movies

Stéphane Montel
Clementine Tronel
Christian Radosavljevic
Florent Mack

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We hope you will enjoy watching our movies and we're waiting for your comments