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Thread: Ryuartyi's Sketchbook

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    Ryuartyi's Sketchbook

    Hello CA, I'm Ryuartyi. I found this site a few days ago, and decided to do some extreme practice when it comes to my general studies of anatomy, shading and so forth.

    Well, I may not have the most images to show, I currently try to do other things than just draw, so I won't have a whole lot to show every day.

    Today I drew a self-portrait of myself from a mirror, and did two hand sketches.

    Of course, if anyone has any way I can improve, (and there's LOTS of room for that) please comment on the pictures I post. Thank you for your time.
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    Welcome to CA, Ryuartyi!

    Nice start to the hands; I always have problems with hands. The proportions on your face are off (the eyes are too high), but the more you draw, the more you'll improve. Keep posting....
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    Not a bad start at all, keep at it. I smell potential.
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    Another addition to our crazy artist family, welcome!

    Good job on making the effort to draw even though you are busy-not alot of peeps do that.

    here's something that might help you out.. (i dont have a photo reference of you so i'm just adjusting it accodingly)
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    nice start dude, just keep practicing! i advise you to read the loomis book about drawing the hands and the head, im currently reading through it, and it helps a lot!
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