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    I could use some advice.

    Hey. I posted this in the employment discussion section of the boards but it doesn't seem like anyone's hittin it. Anyway, I'd really appreciate some advice from anyone who may know a thing or too about this kind of stuff.

    I haven't posted work here for a while as some of you may have noticed (okay, maybe not.) This is because for the past month, I've been working on a project for some independent developers in Europe. We're kind of a small team who are working on something which I am not at liberty to discuss and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some advice.

    This product that we're developing is sort of a side project for everyone since everyone seems to have regular day job, though they seem to be very serious about it and has expressed multiple times that they expects to sell it to a publisher and make money off it as two of them say they have done so before. The project director's even told me that he had hired a lawyer to draft contracts for everyone involved so should this be sold, we'd all eventually be paid. Right now, an NDA and a contract is in transit to my home and I was wondering what is a fair agreement for something like this. The idea is that a price for my efforts will be agreed apon by me and the director in the event of the sale of the projects license. If the project is not sold or is cancelled, I retain all of the rights to my work done for it.

    I must say, through all of my interactions with the project's director, I'm conviced of his legitamacy and that he's very serious about what we're doing and his intention to make money from it. Before I sign any none disclosure agreements or contracts, I'd really appreciate some advice on how this type of thing should all work. Thanks.


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    I'm talking on common sense here and on zero experience, but, you should talk to a legal advisor/counselor regarding this type of situation. You can trust no one when it comes to selling creativity.

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