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    The Bourne Ultimatum

    Anyone else seen this?

    Just watched it myself and thought it was superb, even better than the first two.

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    Ellingsworth Guest
    I was going to start a thread but I had just made one for Superbad. It was an awesome movie, no doubt. I have seen it twice, even then it wasn't boring. some over the top action sequences but most of the stuff was believable. Overall it was a fun movie with some kick-ass popcorn moments. Out of a ten I would probably give it a nine or an eight.

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    I dont think it was better than # 2, but it was an excellent movie, and definitely left room open for #4.
    It wasn't as desperate, visceral, and out of control like the second one was. The Bourne Supremacy just left you on the edge of your seat at all times, shot so well and executed so well that it really showed that Jason had no control over the situation at all and that he literally had to fight for every inch of ground to survive and get away. Especially the car chase, which was in my opinion one of the best car chases of all time.
    In the third one Bourne was on top of his game, and had direction through most if not all of the film. It was more of a "oh damn that was cool, he's a f***in badass" kinda movie.

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    man i loved it.. huge Bourne fan. and i thought this part filled in many holes and tied off many parts of the story very well.. but of course it still left a few things open.

    i think part 2 and 3, since they are to parts of the same story, work well together, but i cant say one was better than the other cuz they were BOTH badass.

    i hope there is a 4th but i wouldnt be disappointed if there wasnt.. - JAG
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    havent seen new one yet but ive seen the first two and they were great, some awsoem cinematography, barely on the same shot for more than a second during the chases
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    I absolutely loved it. I didn't expect to laugh either, but I found two bits hilarious in their audacity. Great film, great score also.

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