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    Self inflicted art school

    Ok art school isnt doing me any good i feel and im now making enough money that i will no longer to be able to get financial aid so i think im going to end my art school life . and when i say art school it means art institute online so its not like a real art school.

    i have noticed that everytime ive had a artwork evolution or passed a milestone it was done with something having to do with this website not once has it been because of a class at the art school

    soooooo i have tried to figure out sort of my own curriculum to and i will probably try to post as many of these assignments as i can for review and critique. is there anything any of you guys think you would change or add for month one? right now im going to work on values, Life drawing, perspective and im gonna try my hand at master studies . i want to get a concretye grasp on the basics before i try to master color.

    and its not like im starting at a beginer level i consider myself mediocre as an artist. on im probably barely that but in my art school classes im either the best or one of the best in every drawing related class.

    Month 1

    Monday value study (life)
    Tuesday Master study
    Wedsday Figure study (life)
    Thursday Perspective study
    Friday Anatomy study
    Saturday Texture study
    Sunday take a damn break

    tell me what you guys think
    not sure how to add my sketchbook as a link but heres wher eits at yo
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aww that sucks man. About the schedule. I had a similair one a while ago, I'm not sure if its just my lack of discipline or something that way, but it certainly bored me out after just a week of applying it. I'm sure if you could stick to it, then it would be great, but I lost my motivation trying, and the thought of having to do only one thing per day was also not so motivating.

G'luck with yours though, my text isn't really helping, I'm just saying that maybe
"draw all the time you get" will work better then work when the schedule says.

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    Well, if you do the research, plan out a whole day of solid exercises for each of those days, and manage to stick to them for a long period of time, I'm sure you'll achieve more than going to any art school.

    Actually stick to it will be the hard part. One of the reasons why school is good, is because you have to do the work, because you paid for it, you're competing with other students, you're encouraged by other students, and you have the expertise of tutors.

    I'm still pretty skeptical about these 'online art schools'. I can't see how it could function adequately.

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    I'm working on a schedule myself too. I had some attempts before so now I'm taking my time with it to make it work. So far I got this:

    - Cast/Bargue Drawing (if I can find the damn Bargue book)
    - Going out to sketch people
    - Drawing from my imagination
    - Anatomy
    - Perspective
    - Drawing from the nude

    I'm not sure about all this yet but I'm thinking of drawing 6 hours a day, spending 3 of them on one subject. For example:

    Monday - Bargue drawing and sketching people
    Tuesday - Imagination and anatomy
    Wednesday - Perspective and figure drawing
    Thursday - Start over?
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    In my opinion I think you need to break the day up a bit more. It can get very tiresome focusing on one area of study for the whole day.
    My routine that Ive had for my summer holiday break (which I need to get back onto) has been pretty basic but its been handy so far. It still needs tweaking .

    Every morning I do 2 hours of observational drawing just to get my mind flowing. It helps build up my visual memory for shapes, materials, textures etc and at the same time help with understanding values too.
    After that its pretty much anatomy studies from bridgeman and other anatomy books. I don't time myself with these. I just try and understand things at my own pace, that way I dont race through trying to know everything.
    Drawing your body from a big mirror is incredibly useful! If you have access to a life drawing class too then go go go!

    Every now and then I put my skills to the test by designing a character from my mind. When I look at my character when it is complete I find what I totally suck at doing. Lately its been faces so then I focus myself onto drawing faces from mirror or people you live with.

    I hope this has given you some ideas. Routine is a tough thing to stick at sometimes.

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    As far as devoting the entire day to it. I am a professional tattoo artist and these excersizes will be things to fill my down time so I will defiantly have things breaking up the monotony of doing one thing all day. and i have conviction and dedication i quit smoking 3 years ago, then i lost 80 lbs in 6 months, and i have pretty much done anything i have ever set out to do.

    the hardest part about that is having no local peers most people around here either dont care about art or pretty much represent the basic deviant art croud with silly anime fan art. i know of 2 real artist and they rarely draw anymore.
    not sure how to add my sketchbook as a link but heres wher eits at yo
    Foodogs sketchblog

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    I think trying to split up the time you are doing a bargue drawing will make you feel rushed. I think for longer studies such as master studies and bargue drawings you should Do them through the week, working on 1 piece. Doing it once a week will show slow progress, or a faster, less focused finish (imho).

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    I've done it this way too. Your schedule looks good.
    I say just start with what you have and adjust as you go - some things will work some things won't.
    I always split mine into a little bit more specific. For example instead of saying perspective - well what kind of perspective - environments or vehicles etc? Master study - well what kind? portraits, landscapes or figures? Value study in still life or portraits?
    Good luck!

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    I'm self-taught and also keep a similar schedule, although I do different exercises. It certainly takes a lot of discipline and SUCKS when life crap happens and you can't obey your schedule. That's why now I acknowledge the fact that the schedule is subject to change at any time. I have a stopwatch with me all day now and even if I stick to the schedule or not, 8 hours at least is essential (for monday-friday at least).

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    Yeah. I think it's good to break up the day into a series of different routines, and be realistic about breaks and such. Like, if it takes you a while to wake up in the morning, plan around that. Plan some light exercises in the morning that don't require lots of cerebral activity. If you're more alert at 9am than you are at 4pm, plan your more intensive work in the morning and work towards the fun stuff. Decide what your time bracket is to work in (ie 10am-6pm, 9am-4pm, or 11am-7pm) and what outside requirements you need to fill (like lunch from 1-2 with your gf, or lifedrawing sessions from 11-1 on Thursdays) and space our your blocks of activity in that time so you get in the number of hours that you want. Make sure you're setting up a plan that makes you push yourself, but don't set goals that are so unrealistic that you demotivate yourself when you fall so short of your own expectations.

    Good luck - I'm curious to hear how it all works out ;D

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    Try using the schedual the CA atelier has.

    There should actually be a Thread (maybe this one) on developing a schedual for yourself. And, people can critique it.
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