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    Icon IDW #42: Street Sweeping Machine - Voting!

    IDW #42 Topic: Street Sweeping Machine

    Deadline for voting: Saturday, September 1st 2007

    No voting for your own entries!

    Give critiques and comments, we're all here to learn from each other!

    Original thread: IDW #42: Street Sweeping Machine
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    Artist: Dr Brain

    IDW #42: Street Sweeping Machine - Voting!

    This sweeping turtle is ment to clean smaller and narrow areas where no heavy gear can do its work. digesting all that litter and biomasses, it converts the the trash into energy using biomasse-fuel-cells. the variable chain drive allows the sweeping turtle to navigate up stairs and cross other humps. so it is ideal to clean even bigger shopping malls or predestrian areas.


    Artist: ScaryPotato

    IDW #42: Street Sweeping Machine - Voting!

    On a small island nation popular with tourists, the streets become cluttered with litter during the busy season. The mayor brought in street sweeping machines to restore the cleanliness of the roads, paths and squares where people frequent, but he insisted that they resemble the island's national symbol; the whaleshark.
    The machines brought in combined serveral cleaning methods to ensure the best result. A large scrubbing brush scours the surface to loosen any debris on the ground, while the vehicle's main mode of transportation, four sets of adhesive rollers pick up absolutely everything in their path. The little brushes above loosen the debris from the sticky wheels so that the high-powered funnel sucks up and shoots the garbage to the removable waste container at the back of the vehicle.


    Artist: Sogbad

    IDW #42: Street Sweeping Machine - Voting!

    Errr, a sweeper thingy from 2020'ish


    Artist: Legato

    IDW #42: Street Sweeping Machine - Voting!

    The two spinning brushes scour the ground and push surface debris towards the center where the central brush/tread spins it under and into a vacuum which deposits it into the storage containers which can be autonomously cleaned out at service stations. (note, the tread does not aid in movement, it doesn't have enough friction to drag the thing around, as instead lifted slightly off the ground by its suspension and the guide wheels underneath)


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    Small round this time, but still some notes:

    Muleskinner: Still a WIP.

    Watereater: I was tempted to take yours to poll, but it could've used a little more love. You posted it quite early so there was time enough to polish it up a bit.

    Prepsage: Still a WIP, and uhm..the image doesn't seem to work anymore...

    Special notes:

    Dr Brain: I had the suspicion it was an old work of yours, instead of something specifically made for this IDW. I wasn't sure, so I included it in the poll anyway.

    Sogbad: A couple of IDW's back I said I wouldn't include 3d models/stills in the poll, because the weekly activities focus on the hand-drawn images and often 3d models are the next step in design. However, it looked cool and the way you presented it was just that little bit that made it go to poll. If people show their 3d models in this way I might include them in the poll more often...

    Remember to give your critiques and comments
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    Legato received my vote. I was really drawn to the subtle details and orange highlights. Very well rendered design. Well, on that note, all the entries are well rendered with good attention to form and lighting. Great looking poll.

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    Dr Brain
    i think i like your design, but to be honest, a straight on side view really doesn't lend itself well in terms of being readable... i personally have an idea of how it works, but it involves lots of making stuff up, and all of that could be solved by a perspective shot. rendering is very nice, despite the somewhat distracting red background.

    whats odd about this peice is the concept is rather lacking, but HALF of the rendering is very well done. what i mean is, there are some parts of the craft who have spot on shadows and some really good lighting sources, however you than have this large cartoony bubble canopy that meshes well with the simplistic cartoony form, but not with such a detailed shadow work.

    not to be harsh, but the design is crippled by a lack of explainable locomotion and the while i commend you for going the extra mile on the brushes and rollers, in practice i really don't get a good since of how they function.

    while i usually stay away from 3d stuff, your core concept is very strong and your not using 3d as a crutch! the render is great, and the design is sound which is why you get my vote! all i would really add or elaborate on is the suction of the dirt and how that grime is than transported not only into the tanks on the back but how it is even sorted. if anything, your concept doesn't have enough bulk to it... or rather, it doesn't appear like there's enough volume to keep everything running and working

    as for me
    other than those back tires i don't mind how it turned out at all. the tires in the back never got the loving they needed, and are not only out of perspective, they are out of place ;_;

    the orange lights would just be standard strobing running lights to avoid harm however i would have given it some mad decal action if i had ever gotten around to it, so to be honest its still a black and white render to some degree

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    My vote went to Sogbad. I really like the separation of different waste types.

    Legato was a close second for me. It has a really nice design. I agree with what you said about the back tires.

    I really like the compactness of Dr Brain's design. I think adding something in for scale would have helped more.

    I like seeing the internal workings of ScaryPotato's design.

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