Hi there....

I guess this has been asked a million times but i am couldn't find any posts on it.


I am a hobby artist. No designs on doing it for a living or anything... just something fun to do instead of TV when i get home from work.

Anyway, I have been playing with 3D for about 10 years. The problem i have is that while i am a technical kind of person i am not really and artist in the sense that you people are. If you want rigging, animation, simulations (partials / dynamics) I'm your man... I just suck at modelling and designing.

Question about how the art on this site may be used

My question is this..... if I find cool concept art on this site and use them as a base to build 3d models and animations tests... As long as i post the work back here in the 3D section and give credit + link to the original sketch.... Is that all cool?

Like i said I am just a hobbyist, and I am most interested in animations.. I am pretty good at it in my opinion of myself. I just suck at modelling and design. So I was hoping to find designs in here that i could try to model to better teach myself that side of 3D.


What would be perfect is to find a few sketch artists here that would like to see some of there drawings jumping around and dancing or something. Who would be interested in combining effort on some WiPs. The design I model and animate. There could be a cool link of work that way, you disign.. spit it back out to you all moving ... mabey you would get a kick out of that?

It is a lot easier to model something if you have a front / side / feature / isometric drawing of the character / object / set.... (it is THAT stuff that i totally suck at)

I personally prefer classic cartoony style stuff... The pinical of animation was the anvil and the mallet imo

If you would be interested please let me know... otherwsie as long as the question is answered "yea that is cool mate" I'll post some 3D animations based on some of the stuff i have seen here. Mabye attract some WiP partners that way.

Anyway... this looks like a great site and a awesome community...