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Thread: Help Improving

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    Help Improving

    Hi all, this is my first post here, after knowing about this site for quite some time, and seeing other art, I finally rounded up some courage and decided to start getting involved,

    Something about me:

    Well im 19, and I come from Portugal. Currently I study Plastic Arts and Multimedia. I know it sounds kinda cool (I hope) but in fact im getting poor lets say "education" out of it.

    Im getting to the 3 and last year (bolonha process for those who know what it is). And I feel Im way underskilled .

    I would like to follow a carrer in gaming industry, and altough my main focus would be moddelling I dont wanna go any further chasing that subject until I feel happy with my drawing/painting(digitally) skills.

    Rigth now Im very confused, even I mygth say afraid. I keep on procrastinating actually doing some work.... so I've decided to come here and start rigth now.

    This is the last one I did, and lets be honest its crap:

    [IMG]Help Improving[/IMG]

    [IMG]Help Improving[/IMG]

    Im on holydays runtil September and I can dedicate myself all day to improving.

    What I would like to ask (please) of you is what I feel im lacking "an oriented subject".

    Demand me to do stuff no matter what, if you feel it will help me improve. Ill put myself to it and ill try to post work every single day.

    Many thanks to all who took their (precious) time reading all this.

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    1) Welcome to CA.
    2) Study artistic anatomy - bones and muscles first. Look especially at the books of George Bridgeman and Andrew Loomis.
    3) Draw from life at every opportunity.
    4) Good luck with your studies.
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    I agree with Mephisto. Anatomy anatomy anatomy! Start with drawing from reference. You'll need LOTS of time drawing from reference before you can begin to create the things from your mind.

    So again, study anatomy, NON-STOP. Your own body and a mirror will be your best friends at this stage.

    Also, pick a part of the body (hands, for instance) and draw them as many times as you possibly can, in as many ways as you can think of. The renderings will at first, be crap. But I promise, the more you draw something, the more you will improve, and you'll notice this as you continue.

    So don't give up! And best of luck to you!

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    Hi Oak,

    If you can't go to a drawing school and get help try obtaining some literature. Try getting 'Drawing on the right side of the brain' and do the exercises many times over. You need to learn to draw what you see, and forget about drawing from your head, in time you will gain enough knowledge and experience to draw something from your imagination. But try to get that book, it will open your eyes.
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