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    This was an entry for a PC game art contest (Sword of the New World: Granado Espada).

    I'm pretty satisfied with the blonde/blue girl (with her overall dress and posture), not so much with the brunette/violet girl (augh, I hid her hand again, her chest buffs out too much too). It's hard rendering hair properly (for me at least)

    So yeah, hope it's decent...(?)...

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    Over all the design is prety good. The tihng that bothers me is the blond most of of all. Her head and face are at a wierd angle. The brunete's chest and shoulders are also off. Her left arm isn't showing and that unbalences her. Also dont hide the hands. The brunete's hand is a blurry blob covered by a feather and the blonde is hiding one hand. This piece could have been much more expressive if they were gesturing with their hands. Like stuck-up rich women.
    I think youre getting caught up on the details. I would suggest getting your composition and figures right before detailing. Draw more, dont be so quick to paint. Study anatomy and practice hands.

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    I think it looks really good. I agree about the blond's head. It doesn't look right. It looks as though her hat it not sitting on her head correctly.
    Also give the brunette two arms.
    I also not keen on the white strips you have running down the page.
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    I think that another thing that is going wrong is the depth. Pick a light source and and paint from that. Use ref to help get the right values in down on the picture plane, where it is supposed to be. Right now the figures read flat. Take a look at Thomas Blackshear's Beauty and the Beast piece. He does alot of the right things in that. Take a look at the way he uses design elements to highten the overall composition not disrupt it. That is good decision making with design elements. Here the designs do not work with the overall piece. But, I highly recommend looking that specific piece out of Blackeshear's collection.

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    The brunette's neck and throat are weak areas, the throat-base depression isn't really there and the collar bones aren't working. Her head seems to be too far back for the position of her torso. Her middle also looks slightly too wide, given that with this Edwardian-esque fashion one would expect corsetry. The white outlines I don't like and the fussy, garish, feathery background isn't doing it for me. The faces are quite good, but the blonde's chin goes a bit wrong. The brunette's hairline doesn't look very convincing, either (or the concave line of her forehead, which should be convex). The strands of hair coming in front of her ears look a bit too heavy, meanwhile, almost like masculine sideburns. (Women only have fine whispy hair in front of the ears, and it doesn't grow more than a third of the way down from the top of the ear).
    The bead/pearl necklace thing needs work to make it look more like a necklace. The pearls should touch or be joined, and should overlap as they curl around the neck. Same with the ribbon thing if it's not tattooed on her chest.
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