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Thread: First timer

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    First timer

    Hello iam a first time poster but have lurked about for a while on these forums admiring the amazing work.

    Long story short, I feel i have hit a wall with the quality of my pics and would love some crit so i can progress.

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    First of all, thats a ten-pack, not a sixpack. I'm not sure what kind of tool you're using, but if you're using a tablet, i'd recommend setting the opacity of your brush to pen pressure. Then soften the egdes a little more. What you have here is basically some blocked in rough stuff, now its time to start refining. His skin also needs more contrast.

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    The main guy's head is too small. Rather camp pose for a macho bloke to assume, too, and you need to get more of an idea of the way the members of the body fit together. The facial features are ill defined, and you need to do more work on the details. The other characters don't make sense in the scene. What is going on? Also the lighting is unresolved.

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    The topic makes sense to me. He's some kind of celebrity, probably a sportsman in some futuristic game, the guy in the back is fixing his suit and the kid in the front is asking his autograph. I agree that his (I guess) casual pose is a tiny bit affeminite.. I'll leave the critiquing to others, would just like to say that the message does get across nicely.
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    Thanks for the great crit guys. very honest and much appreciated.

    As for the story of pic, whyatt got it correct, except the guy in the bottom left isn't gong for an autograph.

    The pose does look effeminate. I was going for a kind of greek olympian pose (contraposte?) meets the future, with the athletics games link.

    i have taking all your advice and made some corrections to the pic.
    I added more detail to the armour and smoothed out the blocky colours. I made the skin have greater contrast. I bent the arm of the bottom left guy to look more likt he is scanning rather than stretching out. I also added some adverts to the armour to make the story easier to see, continuing the sporting theme.

    Thanks again for the crits guys and i would love to hear your thoughts on version 2
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