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Thread: Critique needed

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    Cool Critique needed

    Here is my latest peice. Please tell me what you think of my current art style and how I can improve.
    Critique needed
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    You need to break this style a little bit. You're heading down the path that every anime artist takes, which is emulating style rather than creating one. I'll ocver the base of 'study from life' and it will help your own style achieve something more.

    Right now, there's no form to anything. Good anime creates form and doesn't just plop down stickers of eyes and mouths on peopl's faces. Study how planes and lighting works (loomis books are good for this) as well as anatomy and pose. And draw nipples, penises and vaginas when they can be seen, otherwise it'll look like you're too shy (and the art will look plain odd)
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    Yeah , what rhineville said is well what you should do, Try doing some shadow practice on tones, and depth.The end result might be you ending up breaking the mold of standard anime, hit up the ref's and practice.
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    p.s.A good artist is not shy of what the human body is.
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    Help an artist, leave a critique.
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    I never got this thing for mature content images in a style only suitable for childrens' cartoons. It's sinister in my opinion. By the way watch the scribbly colouring in. Not porn, perhaps. Some way off art, though.
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    Sweetheart, it's probably not the best idea to call your reviewers freaks, even if they do think it's porn.

    I agree with the previous posts, study anatomy! It doesn't seem like you did much of this since your previous post. Draw a model, or heck, even draw freehand from a photo and try to replicate the forms (not in any stylized manner). When I did it just once, I could see improvement. Do ten, and I'd bet that your bodies will improve. Basically do some practice and wait until you see a little improvement. Post in the sketch area and see if you can fix some things before the piece is finished. Also starting a sketchbook thread in that forum is a good idea.

    dashinvaine - Completely off topic, but there are officially produced animes that are inappropriate for anyone under 18. (Very weird, I'm glad I haven't seen any of them!) That being said, yes, this style does look more like the kid-friendly ones.
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    thanks to all
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