Art: RICE ON THE OTHER: issue 2: collaborative comic zine now available for DL!
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Thread: RICE ON THE OTHER: issue 2: collaborative comic zine now available for DL!

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    RICE ON THE OTHER: issue 2: collaborative comic zine now available for DL!

    big props to the following rice-collaborators:

    Jen Johnson

    Brett W. Thompson

    Joseph Kameen


    if anyone would like one of the extremely-limited print edition (only 100 hand-numbered, printed books), they're free, but will need you to send me a SASE. Once i start mailing these out they tend to go pretty fast. Additionally, there are a few remaining issues of the ROTO's first issue. Once supplies run out there will not be a second printing.

    Rice on the Other is accepting comic submissions for Fall issue. Contact me at for more information, to get my address, or discuss your idea. There is information available at the preparing section on the roto website. the deadline is Friday, 14 September, 2007.

    Critiques and discussion are totally welcome, But kindly only on the stuff that i'm responsible for, that being:
    pages 1, 2, 5-8, 12.

    cheers folks and thanks for looking! would love to have more CA participation for the fall!

    guggen rice-on signing rice off

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    Charming, Joel, absolutely charming. I actually wanted to comment precisely about the pages you mentioned and to be even more precise the page 1, 7 (!), 6 (!!), 5....
    Page 6 stroked me with its gentleness. It's a pity that it is not done with colors. I think it would look mind-controlling with subtle transition of purple, green and blue. All pages actually have this hypnotic effect through strange faces, associations, trees branches growing like uncombable hair and many symbols... all of them work for one mood: self-forgetting, meditating, dreamy. I'm already on the page 7 actually. Charming. Maybe it would be better to use less contrast, it is a bit awaking, but overall I like the collage of hints and puzzles.
    The general moods or thoughts while looking at it:
    Road, passing by without getting attached, searching, getting amazed by world around, always on the road... free but not belonging to anyone.

    I like this half-child/ half alien face on the page 5 second panel... makes my brains scattered.
    So... lovely work. I would love to have a copy of this book.
    Maybe it could be done better, but it is sure very personal and contagious with a mood. I would love to have this mood caught on paper in my house.

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