About three weeks ago I reached a conclusion. That conclusion was that I have been a terrible slacker when it came to my artwork. Four nearly seven years I've had dreams about working in the industry as a conceptual artist and character designer. I even went to the Academy of Art Univeristy in San Francisco to study the subject.

But It has recently come to light that even while I was there I didn't take my studies as seriously as I should have. Now almost four years later I'm finding that I stuggle with nearly every subject that I should have learned, including figure drawing, color theory, composition, rendering..... ah hell, the list just goes on.

The bottom line is that as I'm loosing faith in my abelities as an artist, which is the most rottan feeling in the world. Worst part about it is that I'm the one to blame for it all. Now all I can do is go back and restudy all that I should already grasped by now.

And so with that all in mind, I decided to start posting pages from my sketch book to get some outside opinions. I honestly don't know how much this will help me in the long run, but at the same time I just can't bring myself to just give up on being an artist.