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    Weekly sketchbook log

    About three weeks ago I reached a conclusion. That conclusion was that I have been a terrible slacker when it came to my artwork. Four nearly seven years I've had dreams about working in the industry as a conceptual artist and character designer. I even went to the Academy of Art Univeristy in San Francisco to study the subject.

    But It has recently come to light that even while I was there I didn't take my studies as seriously as I should have. Now almost four years later I'm finding that I stuggle with nearly every subject that I should have learned, including figure drawing, color theory, composition, rendering..... ah hell, the list just goes on.

    The bottom line is that as I'm loosing faith in my abelities as an artist, which is the most rottan feeling in the world. Worst part about it is that I'm the one to blame for it all. Now all I can do is go back and restudy all that I should already grasped by now.

    And so with that all in mind, I decided to start posting pages from my sketch book to get some outside opinions. I honestly don't know how much this will help me in the long run, but at the same time I just can't bring myself to just give up on being an artist.

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    Well, I can't comment on what it takes to get into the industry, but I can say I like your line work and style. The profile shot of the man reading the book is great!

    I'm sure those way better than me can give you helpful advice, but all I can say is never never never give up!

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    Well, here we are at post number 2. I've pretty much had my nose burried in my sketch book for the past week, hanging out at the cafe's and the library, drawing anyone around me. I'd like to think that I've been improving at least as far as faces are conearned. I'll probably be posting more frequently just to keep my thread from being pushed down to the bottom of the page before anyone has time to view it.

    I've included four sketch pages.
    1. portrait of girl from cafe
    2. head and face studies
    3. still-life studies of coffee cup
    4. self portrait

    I know it's asking a lot, but I realy could use a few more replies this time around. I'm not looking for praise or an online pat on the back, just a few honest pointers and comments as to what works and what dosn't work.

    Honesty folks, it's all I'm after here.

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    Well I really like your shading , and your character sketches which you havent posted here yet. Post some of your older stuff dude, you're great ,and you know I always say so but I am honest here! keep on sketching, your stuff just keeps getting better and better
    It's Lucky from raffles btw

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    Hey, some good stuff here. But I really recommend that you update more often. If you really want to get good than you have to do more of them and post them here.

    Some of the coffe mug ellipses arent exactly right, but I think you know how to do them right, just needs practise. The portrait looks good, shading is nice and the hair of the beard turned out well. But do you really have such a sharp edge at your browline?

    greets Nick

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