I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts about outlets for gothic (as in dark/romantic/vampiric/slightly morbid) art. I sometimes paint in that idiom, and have sold paintings like that online and in general exhibitions (a surprising proportion, in fact). I have never, though, seen a gallery specializing in that sort of theme, even in Whitby, where you mght expect it, to cater to the Dracula crowd. There may be some to be seen in Camden Town (London), but even there is is more new age/celtic/fantasy art, and the goth stuff is restricted to clothing and accessories. The odd good gothic artist appears on line, like Joseph Vargo http://www.monolithgraphics.com/ and now Victoria Frances http://www.victoriafrances.es/

Anyone have any other ideas about outlets or whether there is much of a demand for this sort of thing? Anyone know of any more artists like this who may inspire?

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