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    Question Time for a third party?

    America has been hopelessly divided by partisan issues since the very beginning of its history. It is worse now than it has probably ever been before (with the possible exception of the 1960's). In the world's current climate of distrust and terrorism this petty squabling is putting the life of every American at risk.
    On one side we have the Republicans, the war-mongering, pro-life, quasi-christian crusaders. On the other we have the Democrats, a bunch of sissies that would risk another 9/11 before they risked hurting the feelings of a muslim imam. (I know this sounds insensitive, I'm just trying to make a point, please don't write me any nasty PMs).
    The problem is that these parties are way too polorized to the left and right. I, for one, think it is time to elect a third party, one that is a little closer to center. As Americans we should not be forced to try and figure out who is the lesser of two evils.
    I heard about this website on the news, it is an attempt to get a third party canidate elected. I haven't had a chance to check it out in depth, but it seems to be legitimate. Give it a look and tell your friends if it is any good.
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    It's been past time we got another party, or at least drastically reformed the two parties (hopefully by successful dissolution of all current members).

    I've been having all these crazy ideas about raising a nation-wide vote of no confidence in our government. It's just getting sickening. The government obviously doesn't care for the people who elected it. The only reason these politicians get elected, like you hinted at, is because people feel they are the lesser of two evils.

    Say they are pro small government but are corrupt as anything.
    Say they support family issues and commonly have a christian "face" but do not live out any one christian ideal. Their christian face is the main reason they get votes, however, so they will not abandon it. Sickens me, honestly.
    Typically support the validity of the constitution but aforementioned corruption darkens everything they do towards this end.
    They are maniacally big business. It does not bode well for the person who just wants to make it by owning their own store these days. In fact, it's near impossible to make it. See Wal-Mart and fast food for examples.

    The abject intellectual arrogance of this party is astounding. How can you be so proud of your intellectualism but not offer one real solution to the American people?
    They say they are about providing equality of life to American citizens but oftentimes reward those who aren't even citizens above and beyond the people who voted them in.
    Their environmentalism, while admirable, has taken priority over many more issues that need to be addressed first. Critical issues.
    While the party doesn't reek of corruption as bad as the Republicans, it is still noticeably present.
    They support wanton abortion rights but refuse to introduce personal accountability sexual education lessons in schools (beyond using a condom).
    Their vapid anti-religious stance is frightening to me as a christian. When kids are taken to the principal's office in public schools because they are praying with friends over a meal during lunchtime there is something wrong. Yet they are terrified to approach the problems of radical Islam. I do understand and respect the fact that people are very divided on this issue. But the constitution supposedly is there to make sure government doesn't impede on public religious life, not eradicate it in any form... except when it's not Politically Correct.

    I'm not even going to get into "politically correct". I'm also not going to touch the issue of immigration. Right now the government is full of failure regarding this and any further treatment by me will turn into a heated rant.

    I admire the republican party for their stance on some religious issues, but they never follow through. It's a facade.

    I admire the democratic party for their stance on social justice issues, but they either don't follow through or they lead it down a dangerous road of socialistic big-ass government.

    Big government is bad, but so is big business.

    Balance is needed.

    I'm glad I'm an independent registered voter. I'll vote for whoever I think will do the better job... but it's getting harder and harder to establish who that is. The candidates are getting worse and worse. And I'm making mistakes as a voter (see President Bush).
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    Elephants and Asses are screwing the masses.
    Our gov't has gotten WAY too big, and now it's out of control.
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    Untill something happens that effects people on a personal level enjoy the status Quo.

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    Ron Paul is republican and voted against the war from the start

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    good points Josh, I also believe balance is needed. However, the whole "Not" going through with something has never changed. All governments lie, thats what makes them so damn powerful

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    The most important thing about a legitimate, broadly-accepted third party wouldn't necessarily be to get a third-party candidate elected, but to force all candidates to offer serious solutions to problems, and generally to be better representatives of the public will, instead of the current system of two nearly identical, yet opposed candidates fighting for the same voters. The two party system offers no incentive to present real solutions to real problems. The only thing it's good for is to keep the playing field small- it's practically collusion, and it's pretty damn far from democratic. One thing that really bothers me about the candidates currently running, democrat or republican, is that they nearly all agree that it's ok to deny rights to gay couples that straight couples enjoy. That it's even something thtey expect people to base their decision upon is pretty clear evidence that nobody's really standing up for American freedoms as stated in the constitution, they're just playing to the same squeamish, easily frightened and manipulated middle-America voting base. There are no principles at stake here, nobody's talking seriously about the huge scary important problems our nation actually faces because it might make them unpopular.
    A basic litmus test for me is the issue of gay rights. While I'm not gay myself, I know people who are and I feel they deserve the same happiness, respect and support that anybody would want. If someone is willing to deny anyone these rights to any degree just to get votes, I consider them unworthy of representing my country or its constitution. So far, both Hillary and Obama are worthless people in my opinion. It's too bad Dennis Kucinich doesn't have the sparkly TV face that gets people nominated, because so far I believe he is an excellent human being and I would vote for him in a heartbeat.
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