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    Sweet_Sorrow's Sketchbook

    Hi there, i'm 15 right now, and i'm been lurking around CA for a few months, getting inspired by a lot of the great art, and seeing so many people improve through their SBs. I just started to seriously draw about a month or so ago. I'm here to improve, and work a bit more on my art. For some reason fantastical beasts and fantasy drawing always appealed to me, maybe because you can really express so much through what you come up with.

    I've decided to start working on anatomy, and do LOADS of studies, and hopefully have the patience to keep up with it! I've been doing some really simple sketches the past few days to help me loosen up a bit since i'm really hesitant at making "errors". I'll be slowly going through Nicolaides book, doing a few (not three hours) of his exercises daily to warm up. So blind contours and gesture drawings for now. I'll be using Pose Maniacs as models. Then I guess I'll start with loomis, work with proportions and do all those skeletal studies, over and over again, and hopefully not become impatient.

    Photoshop art is incredible IMO, but I don't want to pull a LOL. So i'll work on my drawing and stuff first I also love the color and how drawings look in conte crayon sanguine, that'll be something to experiment with in a few months.

    I've also really wanted to improve my rendering, and get a better understanding of how i should do it according to lighting. I have PDFs of all of Loomis's books, some bridgman, and the Hamm book.

    Here are some quick, very unfinished drawings i've done in the past while. As you can see a lot of things are "off".

    Here is my first full human drawing, from a pose from Pose Maniacs. Ignore the odd muscle work, I tried mainly to get the shape right. Here's the original, and after mine, i made it look neat.

    I'll be posting studies as I do them, but the quick stuff, like gesture scribbles and minute poses i'll spare you guys.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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