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    Master head copies


    didn't know where to post these... anyway- copying heads from old masters' paintings. in pencil tho (is it useless? i guess i learn the values at least). i remember jason saying we should copy master drawings but i still haven't found a book on those (probably not available at all in these parts) so i'm copying reproductions from art books that are available to me

    i'll post more as i scan (have about a dozen unscanned) and go along


    p.s. these were done with a mechanical pencil so it doesn't scan very well

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    Good book to master copy from

    What's crackin MR.T
    I am taking a life drawing class right now and the instructor asked us to buy a book called "Anatomy Lessons from the Great Masters" by Robert Beverly Hale and Terence Coyle. I think it is a great book to copy from. Also I think your master copies kick @zz!


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    Very strong work. You did a great job, especially on the nose in the second one.

    You might want to render everything you've drawn rather than leaving some of it as unfinished line drawings. I personally find it a little distracting when part of a piece is so obviously 2D, especially when the transition from 2D to 3D is on the same form (the head, in this case). Of course that's just my opinion, and better artists than I might disagree.

    The eyes and the lips seem a little flat to me. Sometimes you have to go out of your way to show the thickness of eyelids, but it really pays off.

    I hope you find this helpful. Great work!

    I second the recommendation of Anatomy Lessons from the Great Masters. It's well worth buying.


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