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    Ellingsworth Guest

    Michael's Sketches and Studies

    Michael's sketch book.

    Hey everyone, this is my sketchbook, it's of a novice with dreams of one day being a good artist. Feel free to add your critique and advice, I can take it! I will try to update everyday, if you're kind enough to leave me a comment and some advice I will gladly return the favor. Thanks for stopping by, later!

    .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .

    I'm going to start this sketchbook off small, this is a quick five/ten minute eye I drew, eww no eyebrow!

    Bad shading, wonky line work, yeah I know, but I'm still learning!

    Name:  Eye PNG.png
Views: 6755
Size:  123.9 KB

    Reference from a book called, 'Mario Cooper Painting With Watercolor'

    Name:  img014.jpg
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Size:  50.6 KB

    Quick five minute sketch out of a drawing book from Walter Foster.

    Name:  eye.jpg
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    Another quick eye drawing, this is a copy of a sketch done by the artist Kevin Chen. Roughly seven minutes. I'm going to be copying his sketches from this website:

    Name:  bargue.jpg
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    Quick copy of a Charles Bargue eye I found off Google, I'm going to do all the eyes on it a couple times.

    Name:  sphere warmup.jpg
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Size:  30.0 KB

    Quick sphere warm up, yeah pretty bad.

    Name:  Walter Foster Head sketch.jpg
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Size:  97.4 KB

    Quick Walter Foster sketch from his book, the book is very old and is still in mint condition, I'm so glad my mom kept it!

    Name:  terrible.jpg
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Size:  109.4 KB

    Okay, I just absolutely butchered this drawing with my horrid charcoal skills, first time ever trying charcoal and it was a blast, just wish it didn't come out so bad.

    Name:  baargue eye.jpg
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    Ellingsworth Guest
    Terrible drawing I shaded after following steps from a Walter Foster book.

    Random inks from this morning, just doodles from my head.

    Name:  crapcrapcrapcrap.jpg
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    Name:  random crap faces.jpg
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    Name:  randomcrap face.jpg
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    Name:  doodles form head.jpg
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    Maybe you should do some of these from ref, the eye on the last one has a wierd (i think impossible) pupil placement. The jaw is also looking a little too smooth. Some skull studies would help i think.

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    Hey man! good to see an sb up. The only suggestion I have is that your value studies seem to have no specific light source, and that can be a bad habit to pick up. Just make sure you watch out for that, maybe draw a bit more from reference as smart said, and good luck!

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    Ellingsworth Guest
    smartkyle: Thanks for the reply, I left you a comment in your thread, dude.

    ChaoticKnight: Thanks for the advice, man!

    Here are some random Kevin Chen sketch copies, they have been helping me a lot, he really knows how to make stuff easy to understand, plus his sketches are damn AWESOME. I'll update with more garbage tonight.

    Name:  sdfsdfs.jpg
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    Yeah, using the drawing books is good, but don't forget photos and real life.
    Remember all of these artists schemes, techniques and theories were so they could draw more realistically - eg: real life.

    The studies and pics from reference are decent, just keep at it and have FUN.

    my sketches here... , for more images and to kill time.
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    Ellingsworth Guest
    SEVANS: Thanks a bunch, dude for the reply, the help from everyone has been great. I have a small rhino figurine I have been wanting to draw so I will get on that along with more reference and life drawings but for now, I have some more Kevin Chen sketch drawings I did this morning for warm up and just fun.

    I'll get on the life drawings and reference stuff soon, I just have to find some cool fashion magazines.

    Name:  sketches.jpg
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Size:  224.1 KB

    Name:  fsdsdfsd.jpg
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Size:  30.3 KB

    Name:  hhhhhh.jpg
Views: 4672
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    Name:  random sketch.jpg
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    Name:  fdsfsdfs.jpg
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    Name:  img046rgtdegdfgd.jpg
Views: 4490
Size:  198.8 KB

    Name:  fdfsdfsf.jpg
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    Thanks man!

    I checked out your drawings man looks like your really studying anatomy.The couple that were not are pretty cool.And thanks for the help you gave me tonight.I hope you can see the drawings now another member has commented on them.Im off to bed goodnight.

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    Ellingsworth Guest
    doboy1: Thanks, dude.

    Hey guys, more stuff. I have been painting for the past five hours just messing around having fun and working on this face, my liver is about to fail, NEED OXYGEN... It's a shame it turned out so bad. The arm drawing is my left arm I doodled while watching TV, it was just quick, about six minutes. As soon as school starts I'll start churning out tons of stuff, as for now I'm just relaxing and enjoying the last bit of my summer before it goes away.

    Name:  craparmlifedraweing.jpg
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Size:  144.7 KB

    Here's a crazy doodle, I started drawing a sketch from Kevin Chen then I turned it into some weird piece of crap, with a broken back.

    Name:  fsdfs.jpg
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Size:  163.2 KB

    Here's a drawing I copied from Henry Yan's website, it's copyrighted to him, I only did it for practice. I think I might buy his book soon, it looks quite amazing.

    Name:  henry yan study.jpg
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    Name:  dfsdfsdfsdfs.jpg
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    Name:  fsdfsdfsfs.jpg
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    I love the last one. The shading on the ball and....I'm not sure what is it....under it is lovely. But especially I like the things at the top. You've got some good ideas.

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    try to avoid posting computer isnt the best and with the loading problems occuring regularly on CA its just not possible for me to look at all those links..if you cant attacth them use a web host.

    now arty stuff--

    some good studies there, just on some of them be carefull with your lines some are a bit hectic and crazy so are a smidge unclear, but your rendering looks good and clear maybe when you upload them though run them through photoshop and ajust the contrast settings or create a duplicate layer as "multiply" it will make your pencil stuff more clear.


    Any fool can know. The point is to understand.
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    This pic is really cool! On some of your studies from kchen you drew head's too narrow in profile. Head's width and height is almost the same in profile, watch out!

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    Ellingsworth Guest
    Oliwerko: Thanks so much for stopping by my sketchbook, dude. Those were just quick sketches while watching Mythbusters, I love that show.

    life on the sofa: Thanks, man. I sent you that PM and dropped by your sketchbook, I'll try to work on what you said.

    h2rra: Glad you liked it! I just sketched those heads real quick out of my head. I thank you for the critique, I have to watch out for that, from now on.

    Here is a Charles Bargue drawing I tried to copy, first off I did it in pencil, IT CAME OUT BAD! Then I tried to shade it and that went terrible, so I just outlined it with a charcoal pencil and tonight I'll shade the rest in, hopefully.

    Waiting for my Henry Yan book to come in! I just talked to him over Hotmail and he wished me good luck with my studies and I had asked him to sign my book, YAY!

    Name:  fdffsdfsd.jpg
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Size:  109.7 KB

    This is a still life I tried to do in Acrylics, it came out horrible and I SUCK! It is a bottle of pills, sorry for the black and white my scanner wouldn't scan it in color.

    Name:  gfgdfgdgfdfg.jpg
Views: 3831
Size:  79.0 KB

    Here's the quick sketch of the pills that I did before I painted it.

    Name:  dfsdfs.jpg
Views: 3952
Size:  27.5 KB

    UPDATE: Here's the final, I'm doing this OVER tomorrow because something clicked in my head and I realized how I should have NEVER drawn the outline for the shadows in the face!

    Name:  hdfhgghfh.jpg
Views: 3736
Size:  146.7 KB

    EDIT: I fixed up some things made it look a lot better, it may not look like I spent a lot of time on this but I did, I'm just a bad drawer. Getting better, though, hopefully someday I'll be good, one can only dream.

    Name:  charles bargue copy.jpg
Views: 3813
Size:  320.3 KB

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    Good stuff! Nice and clean practices. I like the Kevin Chen approach, seems like a good method. Should see if i can find that somewhere.
    I like the face in the first pic of post #7 the most somehow. Might be the smooth, soft shading.
    Keep updating, like to see your progress.

    Anthis' Sketchbook;

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    Ellingsworth Guest
    Anthis: I left you a comment in your sketchbook, dude. Thanks for dropping by mine!

    Hey everyone, I've had my Bridgman book so I'm going to really start trying to improve from now on, I'm probably going to go through, Loomis, Bridgman, Henry Yan, Drawing on the Right Side of your Brain and also do some stuff from my imagination, and life. Hopefully by the end of the year I'll have some improvement to show for this. Oh and also I might try to find a life drawing class but I'm only seven-teen so I don't know if I would be allowed to attend classes.

    Here are some Bridgman studies, they may not look good but I actually took a lot of time with these, and tried to get them to look right.

    Name:  bridgman studies.jpg
Views: 3615
Size:  143.9 KB

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    Im positive you'll be allowed in classes. Definately take the opportunity if it comes at you! Books are good,, and can give you good tips and teach you what to look for. Drawing the figure from life is a whole different thing though. ITs great. good luck, nice sketchbook start. One comment I have is your heads are often a bit squished. Make sure not to leave out the back end of the skull. I'm gunna have to agree with Anthis about post 7, and I also like your line drawing in the first post, that you then charcoaled. I'd like to see more! keep it up

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    Ellingsworth Guest
    Thanks for the comment, Radio24. I'll try my best to get into it, if I can't I can practice some in my house with objects. I'll stop by your sketchbook in a bit after I update.

    Here is a skull study and some quick figure poses. Note that I emphasize "quick" because these took some time, I wanted to practice having clean lines and went very slow with both of these drawings, more to come later today!

    Name:  skull study.jpg
Views: 3570
Size:  99.4 KB

    Name:  fsdfsdf.jpg
Views: 3541
Size:  83.3 KB

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    Ellingsworth-- First of all, don't try to focus on doing good drawings...just try to do a lot of drawing. In each picture you draw look at what went good in it and tr to keep repeating that. You are on the right track and just have to do literally tons of drawing to get excellent at it. However, even then there will still be something to improve upon. You have some promising stuff and studying from the masters is a great way to start.

    ...a perpetual plan for discovery days,where everyone can take part in "purposeless play".
    My Sketch 'em up book!!
    My Blog/portfolio site-
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    Ellingsworth Guest
    silvestri99: Thanks for the advice, dude. I usually do a lot of quick studies. I have to start doing a lot more. I kind of meant that I was just taking more time with my drawings, that way I can learn more while doing them.

    .................................................. ...

    First off, I just wanted to say I had a sort of vision today, I guess you could call it that. The thing is I like drawing but I sort of realized I could never do it professionally or for a job, so I guess right now I'm just doing it for my hobby and for fun, I have nothing else to do.

    I feel kind of depressed because I don't know what I want to do in life I mean it feels like I'll never be able to find something that is right for me. So I guess this is more of a sketchbook for fun and I hope to improve out of it, so any help is appreciated. Also when I'm older I would love to do classical stuff, like Elwell does and also Henry Yan, life paintings and other cool stuff like that, I kind of lost my interest in doing game related art.

    .................................................. .

    Here's the skull quickly shaded, the shading behind and underneath it is random. I'll have more stuff tonight.

    Name:  fgsdfgdfg.jpg
Views: 6092
Size:  120.9 KB

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    Ellingsworth Guest
    One more update before going to bed, here are some more mindless scribbles. I'm over my "pity-party" now and feel a lot better.

    Very quick Bridgman studies, I think I'll try to force my self to do a page from his book every day forever, until I've mastered everything in it.

    Name:  bgfgdfgdg.jpg
Views: 3523
Size:  250.4 KB

    BLAH, quick one minute value scale in a pen. I was bored.

    Name:  gdfgdfgdfg.jpg
Views: 3342
Size:  37.4 KB

    Mindless square doodle, the shadow is probably completely wrong just made it up real quick out of my head, two minutes.

    Name:  dfsdgdfgdfg.jpg
Views: 3314
Size:  79.6 KB

    Drew some random crap that was in front of my TV, two minutes, no effort. I'm going to sleep everyone, see you tomorrow!

    Name:  ertyryrtyr.jpg
Views: 3270
Size:  106.0 KB

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    Ellingsworth Guest
    Good morning everyone, here some sketches I did for warm up when I woke up, some quick Bridgman studies and a face that I drew off the cover of some children's book. I'll shade it and upload in a little.

    Name:  ggregerge.jpg
Views: 3312
Size:  75.4 KB

    Name:  kjfgdgfdgfd.jpg
Views: 3380
Size:  177.3 KB

    Name:  hfghf.jpg
Views: 3296
Size:  80.2 KB

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    Ellingsworth Guest
    Quick still life, twenty minutes, yeah I know. It sucks ass. Perspective is way off same with values. I learned a little from it, from now on I'm only doing still life drawings, mirror self portraits and drawing book stuff. Hopefully in two years I'll be good enough to get into college.

    Name:  fsdfsdgsdgsd.jpg
Views: 4132
Size:  155.6 KB

    Another quick value scale, this time with pencil.

    Name:  tyrtyryrty.jpg
Views: 3156
Size:  39.8 KB

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    Ellingsworth Guest
    lirce: Haha... I was looking back at my posts and I'm thinking "Damn, I do a lot of side views." I need to focus on doing equal amounts of multiple views, thanks for the comment, dude.

    Just did another still life of the same objects, added some more things into it this time, a ring and another eraser. Next I'm doing some more Bridgman and another still life. Then a self portrait in my mirror, FIRST ONE EVER!

    Name:  hdfhgfhgfhfh.jpg
Views: 3099
Size:  127.5 KB

    Name:  gbdfghdfhfghghfhfgh.jpg
Views: 3072
Size:  128.7 KB

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    nice workings man. i like the style you put into some of your faces. its really good.

    i would say maybe try to put more contrast into your drawings, dark and lights.

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    Ellingsworth Guest
    devbot: Thanks, man. I really need to work on that, most of my drawings are very weak value wise, I'm going to try to shade some basic shapes for my next stuff. I'll drop by your sketchbook in a bit, dude.

    I'm taking some time to go over planes of the face and advanced construction, so far I'm sucking it up but give me time!

    Two heads from a Loomis book and a sketch of a portrait done by the artist: E.M.GIST his thread is absolutely amazing and has inspired me so much.

    Name:  terterterte.jpg
Views: 3148
Size:  163.3 KB

    Name:  gdgdfgdfgdg.jpg
Views: 3044
Size:  202.4 KB

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    Ellingsworth Guest
    Gahhh, this is pissing me off, here's one of today's still life drawings, I'm going to try and do five still life drawings a day. Four left to go. I'm doing some eye studies next.

    Name:  hdhdfhdh.jpg
Views: 5262
Size:  124.9 KB

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    You are really advancing, especially with the faces, they keep getting better and better.

    Also, the last still life you made, the only thing about it that strikes me as wrong is the brush because the hair looks more like a cone than like actual hair. Keep on practicing!


    Sketchbook .... Blog .... DevArt .... Tumblr
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    Ellingsworth Guest
    The Whistler: Thanks, Whistler! I have such a HUGE fear of drawing and that I won't ever improve, then I realize I just have to keep doing more and more. Yeah, I just rushed the brush part, it was starting to piss me off because it was so much different than that of the objects in real life. I'll drop by your book in a bit, after I update.

    Here are the eye studies, first ones are from life, my eyes and nose. The next batch are from photographs. Four more still life drawings to go and a self portrait in my mirror.

    I hope people don't mind that I update more than once a day.

    Name:  dgfdgdfgdfg.jpg
Views: 2947
Size:  64.1 KB

    Name:  hfhfghgfhfgh.jpg
Views: 2933
Size:  106.0 KB

    Name:  hfghfghfghgfh.jpg
Views: 2921
Size:  119.3 KB

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    Ellingsworth Guest
    Hey guys, some more stuff before I go to bed, I may stay up and do a couple still life drawings like I said, not sure. I'm so happy with how my recent Bridgman study came out, I'm finally starting to understand how to go about constructing stuff.

    Name:  fgfgfgfg.jpg
Views: 2862
Size:  128.4 KB

    Name:  rteteterte.jpg
Views: 2805
Size:  138.7 KB

    Here's a quick concept from my imagination. Just a doodle.

    Name:  fdgdgdfgd.jpg
Views: 2807
Size:  164.0 KB

    Name:  gfdgdfgdfg.jpg
Views: 2793
Size:  191.8 KB

    Name:  ghfghfghfgh.jpg
Views: 2812
Size:  206.3 KB

    Horrible arm study, this one was pissing me off!

    Name:  gdfgdfgdgfdfg.jpg
Views: 2745
Size:  49.9 KB

    Name:  gffgdfgdgf.jpg
Views: 2700
Size:  66.8 KB

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    Yeah Gist is inspiring!

    Keep drawing and you'll be great in notime. Seen it happen in these parts again and again!

    These books here that can help

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