Art: who doesn't love monkeys! ( updates aug 3 07 )

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    Exclamation who doesn't love monkeys! ( updates aug 3 07 )

    By mrskullface at 2007-08-02

    i haven't posted here in a while but i assure you i've been trying to keep busy, well as busy as i can be during a very restful summer. i'm mainly looking for any kind of crits you can give. i still feel i'm far from where i want to be and hoping maybe someone can catch me here i fail. thanks in advance.

    oh and how to i show a sample pic like the ones in the outside thread (right nest to my thread name) so mine isn't blank.

    By mrskullface at 2007-07-31


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    nice work! i especially like the insect pieces and the tattoo

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    thanks alot!

    i was going to ask if anyone knew how to put up a pic on the front page so that people can see it before then click the post. anyone?

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    I like the shiny insect the most. However I feel like you're using that hot white shine too often.

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    If you're asking about the preview pic next to your thread, then i think all you have to do is when you post...use the attachment function...which is the little paper clip icon next to the happy face next to the font color. Whatever is your first attachment will be your preview pic.

    Oh and really nice work. I especially like the second pic with the bug, it looks like I can just reach into my monitor and pick it up.

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    Is that Alias Sketchbook in the first image?
    Love that program, and i love your shiny bug too.

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    Blue Disciple:thanks allot! yea highlights i love doing but over use them, i will avoid the hot white for now on and stick to its more realistic shiny qualities. thanks for the crits.

    eXus:haha yea if i could pick it up too i would, and mount it on my wall, i have a thing for insect collecting. and thanks for the kind words and help on the
    pic preview thing.

    Diphallia:the bugs and monkey was done in painter 9 and everything else was done in PS cs2. i havent messed with alias sb, but id like to give it a try.

    here is another monkey i painted, i think i took it too far with the stuff, but yea, whats why i guess im asking for crits, it's a new style im trying out :]

    By mrskullface at 2007-08-02

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    My favourite is the monkey. I love how you created the mood and details just using single brushstrokes in varying colour.

    I think you have a great sense of colour and lighting overall, I'm astounded. So sorry, you won't get much critizism from me...

    Edit: at a second glance I would remove all the red and light brushstrokes to the right of the big monkey's face. It's very bright and it distracts the eye from the motion of the pic. Otherwise it's perfect.

    - Current project <- Crit away!
    - The Whyatt Sketchbook Any tips appreciated

    Quote Originally Posted by Venger
    sometimes your first thought is always right
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    Whyatt Thrash:thanks alot man for the crit. yea i was wondering what was taking away form of my eyes attention. thanks for pointing it out.

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