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    Ubisoft Marketing Illustrations & pers. Stuff (Big DL) (Update 02-08-07)

    Long time since I last posted, but It's been a busy year. Anyways here are some marketing illustrations that I've done for Ubisoft in the last year and half. Of course all the Ubisoft illustrations are copyrighted.

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six:Vegas, these where done in 2006.
    Name:  RB6_Vegas_Chaos_on_fremont.jpg
Views: 3730
Size:  482.3 KB
    Name:  RB6_Vegas_E3_Backdrop.jpg
Views: 3578
Size:  502.7 KB
    Name:  RB6_Vegas_fastrope.jpg
Views: 3619
Size:  451.8 KB
    Name:  RB6_Vegas_Helicopter.jpg
Views: 3659
Size:  417.8 KB
    Name:  RB6_Vegas_logan_walking.jpg
Views: 3469
Size:  494.4 KB
    Name:  RB6_Vegas_mainstream.jpg
Views: 3393
Size:  465.8 KB
    Name:  RB6_Vegas_streetsofvegas.jpg
Views: 3767
Size:  464.3 KB

    Here's an image that I did for Tom Clancy's End War. I actually got to go to shanghai to work there for a while.I'd like to thank Pheonix, a fellow conceptart artist working for ubi shanghai, great guy and amazing artist. Also Luo Bin for helping me out with this image.

    Name:  EndWar_Phase_3.jpg
Views: 3355
Size:  431.7 KB

    Assassin's Creed, done in 2007. I've got more for assasin's creed but they haven't been released yet. I'll update as soon as they do.

    Name:  07_Assassins_hires_half_final.jpg
Views: 3504
Size:  387.1 KB

    Far Cry 2, which has been recently announced. the flame thrower image is based on a concept done by a fellow employee, Xavier Thomas.

    Name:  FC2_flamethrower_final.jpg
Views: 3602
Size:  489.1 KB
    Name:  FC2_Savane_beautyshot_final.jpg
Views: 3284
Size:  456.4 KB

    And here are some personnal stuff that I did on my free time, all done in photoshop:

    Name:  01_sittinggirl.jpg
Views: 3174
Size:  308.9 KB
    Name:  02_BigHalbertGirl.jpg
Views: 3135
Size:  362.5 KB
    Name:  03_sketch_029.jpg
Views: 3102
Size:  281.4 KB
    Name:  04_sketch_028 copy.jpg
Views: 3070
Size:  328.4 KB
    Name:  05_Beast_Paintover.jpg
Views: 3078
Size:  226.4 KB
    Name:  06_speedpaintings.jpg
Views: 3049
Size:  410.4 KB
    Name:  07_Lost_citadel.jpg
Views: 3029
Size:  364.2 KB
    Name:  08_warlordz.jpg
Views: 3028
Size:  265.9 KB
    Name:  09_sketch_042.jpg
Views: 2989
Size:  384.1 KB
    Name:  10_Sketch_09 copy.jpg
Views: 3008
Size:  236.5 KB
    Name:  11_Sketch_10 copy4.jpg
Views: 2952
Size:  225.1 KB
    Name:  12_Sketch_14.jpg
Views: 3089
Size:  355.7 KB
    Name:  13_swordsman.jpg
Views: 2966
Size:  367.3 KB


    It all starts with concepts. I do many B&W thumbnails which I present to the Marketing management team of the project in this case FarCry. They chose 1 or 2 (depending on how many final images we need) Then I push those concepts further, add more detail, lighting, refine poses etc... So here are some samples of thumbs I did once the concept was approved to see what pose or background would be best. Sorry I couldn't find the first draft of the concept.

    Name:  concept_06 copy.jpg
Views: 1789
Size:  208.7 KB

    Name:  background_hires_thumbnails copy.jpg
Views: 1785
Size:  330.5 KB

    Then once they make they're final decision I start in 3D and pose the characters, light them (VRAY) and then render them out. But in this case I started with the painting of the background so I'de know what kind of lighting I'd use in 3D.

    So here are some step by steps for the skie:
    Name:  skies.jpg
Views: 1747
Size:  536.4 KB

    Once that was done I did the character, you'll see a before and after. The before is the straight render and the after is all the stuff I did in photoshop.
    Name:  character_pose1.jpg
Views: 3116
Size:  479.0 KB

    Then the foreground is worked on. Here's and example (car was a low res model taken from the game upresed and retextured by a guy in our team, thanks PAt )

    Name:  Layer_01_08.jpg
Views: 1754
Size:  377.5 KB

    And then everything from that layer to the skie is a mix of photos and painting.

    Then I add lots of final details all over, fix the lighting (still all in PS) make sure the colors follow our art direction and Voila!

    Final Result:
    Name:  FC2_Savane_beautyshot_final.jpg
Views: 3284
Size:  456.4 KB

    Hope this help you guys understand how I do these.


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    how much is CG and how much is paintup?
    process pix could be nice if you got'em


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    hehe nice to see you here , great job , i was wondering who did the far cry 2 poster

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    Amazing job man. Thanks for sharing them.

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    I love the end war one and the Assasin's creed!!
    thnx and


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    Writing that you did the marketing "Illustrations" you probably could give some more info. As i can see there is a lot of 3d in the images, far more then the painted/photoshoped part. Did you do the modelling, texture work and animation setup for all the characters? I actually don't see much painting there at all.

    I noticed that there something odd about the way you draw the eyes, they pop out a lot.
    You are good with colors and textures, i like it ,but you need to work on the anatomy and perspectives.

    Currently working on my indie RPG , please check out
    Please support my Project!
    - - - - - - - - - -
    My finished paintings and other work
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    very nice to see ur here !!
    i really like your new works ! hard work & diligence man !
    thanks share your brush

    greetz from shanghai

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    These are great!!!!

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    Gorgeous pieces although I'm surprised that no one caught that you misspelled 'Nevada' as 'Neveda'.

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    god dayum!
    spectacular work man.

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    Thanks for all the nice comments.

    I should make clear that these illustrations are made from in game character models (except Farcry2) therefore all credits are do to the modellers.

    Sebastien Legrain did the models for rainbow six and the head of the farcry 2 character (check out his site, he's amazing: )

    As for Assassin's Creed the model was done by Patrick Gagner and the orginal concept was done by Barontieri and Patrick Desgrenier if I'm not mistaken.

    The Farcry 2 character is based on a concept by me and modelled by Alex Gagnon and Pascal Beaulieu. As I said the head is modelled by Sebastien Legrain.

    The End War character models where done by the montreal cinematic team. Not sure exactly who did them though.

    If I forgot anyone I'm sorry.

    FatherWinter: It depends on the image, but in general there's alot more paint over than people think, my job is to make it look like there isn't For characters I have to fix texture stretches and in all cases add new ones because the original are to low quality. Backgrounds are the same process as matte paintings, so picture + 3D + painting, but of course I must stylise them to fit the art direction. I'll try to get up some kind of in progress images when I get some time. thanks for the comments.

    Viag: et oui, c'est moi Je ne suis pas dans ton édifice mais je fais parti de l'équipe. Si tu as le droit, tu devrais afficher tes images de FarCry 2, elles sont exceptionnelles.

    Diego & rWDrK: thanks guys, always appreciated.

    Randis: As I mentionned earlier the models are not done by me. I do the animation setup (I'm actually an ex-animator) then the lighting (I usually use Vray) of course the camera setup also. Render everything out in different passes and then on to photoshop. There quite a bit of work done in photoshop, I actually spend more time in PS than in 3dmax. I'll try to get a step by step up, it'll be easier to show you exactly how I work. As for my personnal work, well you caught me, the eyes are my cryptonite As for the anatomy and perspective, it's stuff that I work on a daily basis. Thanks for the comments.

    Pheo[]ix: Hey man, thanks, means a lot comming for a talented artist like you.

    Nathaniel West & brunoguedesdemorais: THX!

    Undertow: Holy crap!!! you're right. That sign is actully an in game model, that means it's mispelled in the game also..hahaha

    dKounios: comments like yours keep me motivated, thanks

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    endwar is the best. i also love lots from your personal stuff.

    the first ones are a bit disturbing for me - there is not much depth and the use of black in the shadows.. is really unpleasant. there is the same level of contrast on 100 objetcs at the same time. and.. so on. Sort of things that i don;t see in your personal stuff. so i guess.. you've been art directed.
    Thanks for posting.

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