Mantis Landscape *first digital painting*
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Thread: Mantis Landscape *first digital painting*

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    Mantis Landscape *first digital painting*

    This is my first entirely digital painting. I've added some WIPs on the rocky road to the final because it might be of some interest to see the "ugly stages." I bounced back and forth from Photoshop CS3 and Painter X.

    Here, I roughed out the initial composition. To create the multiples, I duplicated the initial creature which has it's inherent risks of looking like well...just that. The creatures are meant to be a hive mind, but that isn't a good excuse! I made sure to grind it in my head to go back and tweak things to eliminate any copy/paste look.

    The creatures were roughed in blue with the intention of going black. However I didn't like what was going on with the coolness of the color and after playing around I landed on a green/yellow base. After getting the color issue settled, I discovered a mistake in the perspective and fixed the horizon line by raising it. The initial rough of the main mantis looked like a plastic statue, so I repositioned him and also worked out in more detail of it's anatomy. I also did some major tweaking of the skull and hair of the protagonist, and getting the features foreshortened correctly.

    Once that was done, I was ready for the final pass of individualizing the background "mantids," returned the blue into the sky, fixed the jaw, and tightened things all around.

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