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    Euphamistic names for violent crimes?

    "Russian Necktie" is probably the most common dinnertable discussion term for when the throat is slashed and the tongue is pulled out through the hole and left dangling, i hear it's about 4-6 inches long, thus the necktie reference.

    Do you know of any such sugarcoated terms for acts of savage violence?

    I'm usually really good at coming up with euphamisms and puns and such, like with song titles and titles for my little piddle drawings, but i'm at a loss for words when i'm trying to think of this stuff.

    And who knows? maybe this thread could end up inspiring a DSG some day. If so, then count me in. (Reason i haven't been doing the daily sketch groupie thing is because i don't have a viable means of storing images on the web or getting them hosted on the web... i mean, a new image every day? are you kidding? that'd drive the bandwidth through the roof!)

    If you know of any web links that might be useful for my search, then... please feel free to share.

    thanks in advance.

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    decapitation with a lawn mower: head blender

    Swallowing a Pencil and choking on it: Writer's Block.

    Peeing on the third rail of a train track: Gonads go byebye.

    Being Mauled by a pack of racoons: Assault by multiple masked assailants.
    (the above could go either way)

    being struck with a broken .40 bottle in the neck: high blood alchohol.

    brain scooped out of skull with a mellon baller: losing your marbles.

    c-4 strapped to your butt: Montezuma's resurrection.

    Having your skull crushed by someone dropping a rock on your head from the top of a cliff: Canadian snowball.

    disembowelling with a machette: just plain mean.

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