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    The Sketch Book Project

    Hey guys, I was reading through the Juxtapoz website and I found this, well, project - for a lack of a better term - that you guys might be interested in joining (just incase no one's posted about this yet, if someone has, sorry!). I thought it was pretty neat so I wanted to share it with you guys just incase any of you are interested. To keep it short, here's what's happening:

    Text: "From the fine folks at Art-House Co-Op, who brought us A Million Little Pictures, now comes The Sketchbook Project. "We're sending out 250 sketchbooks. You fill them and send them back. Then we throw a show with all of the books plastered across our wall, free for people to flip through. The theme: fears. Sign up by September 15th. Remember the boogyman? We do. It still scares us. In an attempt to help conquer our fears, we chose "fears" as the subject of our first Sketchbook Project. Whether your fear is that stupid monster under your bed that tickles your toes at night or that the world may end tomorrow, grab the sketchbook we send you and put your fears down on paper. If your fear happens to be a fear of sketchbooks, then simply send it back blank!""


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    sketchbook project facts

    Here's the link to The Sketchbook Project home page. Just talked to the Art House Co-op gallery, actually, it's here in Decatur, Ga. it's a nice place in my limited experience.

    • the sketchbook you are purchasing is in fact a moleskine. "We're sending out super sweet Moleskine Kraft-bound Cahier journals. The sketchbook measures 3 and a half by 5 and a half inches. It contains 64 pages."
    • they don't own the sketchbook, they're merely providing a consistent format. 100 books will be selected for permanent collection inclusion, although this is entirely up to the individual artist. they will mail you the book back if you provide a return address. if it becomes part of the permanent collection you also have the option of selling it on consignment. gallery takes a 60% cut, but you set the price.
    • # discrepancy—> apparently on the juxtapoz site it says 250, but on the home page it says 350. maybe there are 100 extra for people who don't fill up their book.
    • might be an interesting opportunity for exposure esp. if your sketchbook is more of a juxtapoz animation kind of style, although this gallery has lots of different kinds of art. remember the laborious nature of sketchbook creation might be a major deterrent and isn't as visible as paintings or presented drawings.
    • Most definitely for a good cause, but not necessarily for good grammar: "A $1.50 from all signups goes to The Rape Crisis Center of Dekalb County."
    • what the heck, i think i'll do it one sketchbook? pshhhhh thats easy
    • registration = $13.50, i think this covers sketchbook, shipping and the donation to the crisis center.
    • 64 blank pages of sketchbook love to fill, 3.5 x 5.5 inches... not too difficult. the theme is fear. time range looks a little tight in my opinion if the show is on l'hallowzzz evvve
    • Esp. if there's big involvement concept art atlanta (catl) sketch group will be all 'bout it 'bout it. come down and sketch with us, hang out, for the opening if you wish. contact me for more details if this is a possibility.
    • Misleading title alert:
      "The Sketchbook Project | 250 sketchbooks sent around the world | one gallery show

      * * *

      Do you have to be in the United States to participate?

      We're sorry, but currently your shipping address has to reside in the U.S. In the future we want to open the project up to other countries and we are currently working on the logistics."
      U.S. Residents only... lots of other countries have great sketchbook makers doh.. . grrr... Gnashing of teeth!!! but i guess if your book went to china with you and you brought it back it wouldn't be a problem...

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    I'll sign up!!!

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    U.S. Residents only

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    I'd so be up for this. Good thing I live in Alaska.

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