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    working with two monitors?

    old old old
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    Keep all your pallets on one monitor and be in full screen mode on the other. Uhm, i used to use 2 17in displays but went for a 24in widescreen instead on my new computer. Think i like the widescreen more but dual monitors was nice for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiera View Post
    Is this really useful for non-professional artists?
    That depends entirely on what sort of work you want to be doing.

    Personally, I found one monitor to be ample until I got into 3D modeling and texturing. Once I needed to rapidly go back and forth between a 3D application and a 2D application, having one monitor for each program helped a lot.

    Someone else will have to help you with the technical questions, because I iz a big luddite, lolz.
    I think you are awesome, and I wish you the best in your endeavors, but I am tired of repeating myself, I am very busy with my new baby, and I am no longer a regular participant here, so please do not contact me to ask for advice on your career or education. All of the advice that I have to offer can already be found in the following links. Thank you.

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    I bought the cheapest card that I found that supported dual display because I don't game on my pc (aside from casual games) and I work in 2D. It's hard to tell from your question because you are not telling us what you intend to do. Photoshop and Painter use RAM way more than they use videocard power.

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    Thanks for the answers, a widescreen monitor could also be a good solution for me

    I´m doing the same stuff like Qitsune, mostly 2D work with PS and Painter, I rarley play games.

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    I've used two moniors from the start (80s). Found it really handy with just about every app I work with, especially something "pallet" heavy like PS and IA. In the days when IA had you "draw" only in the "line" mode and constantly have to switch to "preview" to check yourself, it was a real help to have one monitor for working and one for final view. It's also nice to see a huge piece across a big field when you're doing close-in work on a tiny spot so you can just glance up and see whether you made it stand out too much or some such...

    I've mainly used Macs, so I think (not sure) that you may have to get another card for your second monitor if you use something else. We usually never needed one after the first couple of years...
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    Advice about video cards.
    They are important, don't just go for the cheapest one.
    Why? Because they, along with your monitor control the colors displayed on screen. If you get something crap, chances the colors won't be calibrated.
    However, I don't think it's so much of a problem these days.

    I believe that it is true Macs have better color calibration than PCs...

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    Go for the two monitors, though be sure to use just the primary one when you're just browsing or administrating (we don't want to expand our yeti-sized carbon footprints)

    widescreen just isn't generous enough for me, and yes, a good quality videocard is important.
    i'm running two samsung (193p digital and 193t analog) side by side, I paint on the primary screen, and run reference pics on Acdsee the second, and i'll never look back (only left and right)
    wish i had enough moolah for one of those HUGE Apple screens though....

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    I started using two and can never go back now. Try Craigslist or Ebay; will easily find a used monitor on the cheap.

    And try this, based on a tip from Bobby Chiu: In PS, go to window --> arrange --> new window and open a second window for whatever your painting. Then drag that window to the secondary monitor and full screen it while the main PS window and all the palettes run on the primary. Full screen the primary too, and do all your painting there.

    This lets you zoom in and out, cut ,crop and paste, transform, and all that stuff on the primary while still being able to see exactly what the entire image looks like, as its always on the secondary. Can't begin to tell you how convenient and useful this is.

    Also, one is a giant crt and the other a flat, so I can preview what stuff might look like on different monitors - good for judging colors and so on. I'm looking to add a third monitor to use as extra "desktop"...move folders around, look at reference, etc.

    Dual monitors... only way to fly

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    i've been running 2 monitors since i got my new system, my new 22" widescreen samsung as the primary, and my old 19" crt as the secondary. I could never go back to just one screen, the benefits are almost too many too list. The benefits include, but are not limited to:

    -Reference when painting.
    -Games that support dual screens. (not that many, although those that do are awesome!)
    -Having a 2d and a 3d app running simultaneously for texture painting.
    -Being able to keep an eye on IRC or other chat apps. I'm an operator for the irc channel, and i need to pay attention, so if i'm gaming on one screen i can still see if any of the words on my naughty list triggers a highlight, and i can take the required action. (or most of the time i just get a highlight on my name, so i know if people are talking to me.)
    -Having winamp on the secondary screen. (or any other app that you need to have running in the background, really.)
    -File handling. Moving around files, having several folders open at the same time, etc etc..
    -Sound editing. Sound editing programs take up all the screen realestate you can throw at it, and it really helps with another monitor.
    -Temporary desktop space. I always keep my secondary monitor free of icons, so i can use it for temporarily dumping files during a session of whatever. This way i know where they are. (and its a lot easier to clean up afterwards if i know that all files on that monitor are supposed to be gone.

    I cant think of that many disadvantages. I guess the big one is performance. I have a pretty decent rig (core 2 e6600, 2gb ram, fx7950 with 512 megs of video memory.) and i've never had any big problems with the most demanding games out there. The only thing i've stopped to think about was if i could get a little smoother framerate if i disabled the other monitor, but i never had the need to test it.
    Another disadvantage is that when you get used to using two monitors (or a single widescreen monitor for that matter) its REALLY hard to adjust back to working on a single display if you have to.

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