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    Stormie's Sketchbook

    Hey all... this is a painting I did yesterday in Painter 9. It's Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter. Character (c) JK Rowling, Image Reference (c) Warner Brothers. Constructive criticism only please. I'm still getting a feel for digital painting and drawing so don't be too harsh. I'm also working on some more portraits in both Photoshop and Painter.

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    Stormrider, is that you? Apologies if you're not

    Seems from this and your other post you're having a bit of a time with blending eh? First what I can see is a lot of squiggly small strokes. Might be using too small a brush for the majority of stuff. I use the rule of using the biggest brush posible until I HAVE to make it smaller for smaller details etc.

    For blending it takes some time to get down. Play around with the opacity and hardness of your brushes. Also sometimes it's better to have a hard edge than a blended area, depending on what your depicting. Remember to build up texture and rich colour sometimes it's good to layer your colours/strokes. Sometimes all you need is patience and time (something I have little of ) and your image will eventually come together.

    I'm just starting getting back into digital and colour (after taking nearly a year-long hiadus when I realized I sucked at everything else) and it's hard. But when things start coming together it's a damn good feeling

    Anyhow, good luck

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    Rhineville: thanks so much for you reply. Sorry, I'm not Stormrider! lol. You're right about me using small strokes, I actually started the painting with Voldy's face and I used the 2B pencil in Painter because I couldn't get the amount of detail I needed with a bigger brush. My computer just can't handle high resolutions so I just went smaller on the brushes.

    Anyways, I've tried to get away from digital art for the past month-ish and work traditional with just pencils and my sketchpads. I'm still learning how to be an artist, If you will, because I just don't have the fundamentals down. Sure I can copy something easily, but I could never draw something great from my head, so lately I've been doing traditional studies. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner and I won't be able to buy one until I get a part time job. I'm still a student in college so money's tight...

    Here is what I have from the computer lately...

    head studies from the cgtalk anatomy series:

    Stormie's Sketchbook
    Stormie's Sketchbook

    and some stick figure anatomy and a 5 second study of my cat while she was sleeping on my bed in front me:

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