For those of you who have heard of the originally in french book titled Charles Bargue Drawing Course, it is an amazing book from the reviews I have read. However, the English version seems to be completely out of print. I originally had an order at budplant.com -- here is the link -- http://budplant.com/product.asp?pn=CHARLEH -- and as of a few days ago they are officially sold out as well. Budplant and The Dahesh Museum were the only places I could find on here that supposedly had them and currently both of those sites are sold out. :/ I was just curious if anyone had a copy they would be willing to sell OR if they knew of a place that offered one. I also tried ecampus.com and they canceled my order a few days after I placed it because they were sold out.
I really appreciate any advice. I am also considering buying the French version just to have the plates if it comes to it. That one I can get on amazon.com. Thanks!
Lara ^_^